Advice Sought: 70" Class DLP RPTV

Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by JoeM, May 29, 2007.

  1. JoeM

    JoeM Active Member

    Just joined here after finding out about HTT going away. I've been away for a bit focusing on job search and then the new job. (Thanks CJ)

    Now that things are getting settled down, I'm back trying to sort out a replacement for my old RPTV.

    We're looking at the 70" class as I don't think front projection is in the cards in the forseeable future.

    I've been looking at the Mitsubishi 73732 and stumbled onto a local business advertising and selling them for $2999 with the factory stand through June 3rd. These are supposedly new, in stock, and not grey market. BTW, the place is Paul's TV.

    First, is there something wrong here?

    Second, should I really be more seriously looking at other competing models? I only know of a Samsung at 70" off the top of my head.

    Any opinions or advice related to this particular set?


  2. Darrel McBane

    Darrel McBane New Member

    That's the price I paid for my 65831 without the stand.

    Mitsubishi may be clearing out stock to make room for their new line. I haven't heard when the newest DLPs are taking over. But, specs on the newer sets are pretty impressive.

    I'm happy with my 65" DLP. And at that price you would have a very nice set.
  3. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    Have you considered a combination of a smaller TV (i.e. in the 40" range) and a projector with a pull down screen? Not sure if light control is an issue or not, etc.
  4. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    Does the 73732 have the 5 segment color wheel. My understanding is that the 70+" sets didn't have this yet. If not I would wait. I was this close to pulling the trigger on the 65732 with the 5 segment wheel but my wife and I went with a flat panel instead.
  5. Steve Tannehill

    Steve Tannehill New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Actually, I think the key difference in the Mits 57/65 and 73 inchers is 6 color/6 segment color wheels versus 3 color/6 segment color wheels--unless you get that 80-inch Mits LCoS beauty, which is a LCoS solution as drool-inducing as a pre-green-blob Sony Grand Wega.

    Joe, I would seriously consider the 65-inch Mits DLP. The 73-incher is not that much bigger, and the 65-incher is getting cheaper, especially if you go for the lower-end 65732 instead of the high-end 65831. There are new models (forget the number designation, but saw them in the latest Crutchfield catalog) so the earlier models will be cleared out.

    - Steve
  6. JoeM

    JoeM Active Member

    Guys, Thanks for all of your input!

    Actually I have and am still sitting on the fence a bit. Light control is kind of an issue. This is in my family room that opens up into the rest of the first floor of the house. The main set will be used often during the day, so whatever set I get will see a good amount of use. In this case, the bigger, the better because viewing distance could be significant. My wife often watches while in the kitchen. The current set is a 60" 4:3. Since a fair amount of content is not in HD format, that stuff will look even smaller if we were to go to a 40' or even 50" flat panel. However, I have not completely ruled out this option yet. A 70-73" set would do double duty and probably reduce the urge to do a PJ. My primary viewing distance is adjustable due to room layout. There is no back wall to limit practical viewing distance.

    The 73732 is one of the Mitsu sets that has the 6 color display. Does this address the DLP rainbow issue? I'll have to price compare the 65 and 73. With the current deal on the 73 at 2999 w/stand, I'm not sure how big the price gap would be.

    I've not been talked into the 73 or away from it yet. I've got until this Sunday to pull the trigger, so a little more time to stew over the decision.
  7. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    No. It would need to be a 3 chip DLP to address that.
  8. JoeM

    JoeM Active Member

    Well, I pulled the trigger on the 73" Mitsu. It's coming tomorrow :D :D
    After doing some searching and comparing, it was hard to touch the $2999 new with the matching stand.

    I'd like to to the PJ in the future, but the big RPTV made the most sense given that my wife uses the TV a fair amount during the day from a good distance away.

    I also was at Costco earlier today and ran across the Toshiba HD-D2 HD-DVD player for $249. My wife said just go ahead and get it... we can always return it if you decide against it after you check things out online. Any thoughts on this unit? I've not opened the box yet. Technically, Costco would take it back even if I used it and then changed my mind.

    This unit also qualifies for the 5 free HD-DVD deal :D
  9. Steve Tannehill

    Steve Tannehill New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Congrats all around!

    Check out Pete's thread in the HD/Blu-ray forum:

    He got an HD-A2 yesterday. CJ got one the night before. I got the HD-D2 last week.

    The D2 is a bargain and it comes with an HDMI cable--the A2 is generally $50 more and does not have the cable, although it is the same machine. The quality is good, and the Mits does a fine job of de-interlacing the 1080i picture to 1080p.

    And those five free movies are icing on the cake.

    - Steve
  10. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I am likely to have one soon but I am being tormented by thinking about the cheap HD-A2/D2 or the HD X2 and the true 1080P output. I see Steve say stuff like his 1080P set deinterlaces the 1080I put fine but I know I am going to have a 1080P projector in the next couple months and want to feed it the best so I am torn on what to do.

  11. Steve Tannehill

    Steve Tannehill New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    As long as the display handles deinterlacing properly, it will not make a difference whether the source is 1080i or 1080p--the end picture is the same, it is just transmitted differently between the HD/BD player and the display.

    So going for the cheaper player that only handles 1080i will be just fine...even more so when that player is $250-$300.

    - Steve

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