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    This is only my second ever OEM subwoofer purchase after my NXG's that are the in theatre downstairs as the dozens of other subs I've owned were all DIY. The kitchen computer system needed a small sub to help fill in the bottom end. The kitchen is the only place other than the car or my headphones at work where I listen to music so while the Energy Encores do a fine job I wanted a little more bass. The issue was size as I only had about 1 cuFT to place a tiny sub beside the wine cooler so I ordered a Yamaha YST SW012 which is uses a 8" driver in a tiny little box. Lowish power, no speaker inputs and no crossover keep the price really low but for me it fit the needs of being small, cheap and had ok reviews. My expectations were very low but then so are my needs as this just needs to fill in the bottom end a bit for music when I'm cooking etc so I wasn't looking for sub 30hz. I ended up using an old FMod 80hz inline RCA filter that I've kept in my spare parts draw for years (decades?) as I'm using a Parts Express digital amp to drive the speakers from a Mac Mini so no crossover and I didn't want to send a full range signal to the sub.

    So does it work? Well yeah actually much better than I'd expected it to. For what I need it does exceptionally well. I wouldn't recommend it for someone with lofty needs but for a small sub sat music system you could do much worse...esp considering the cost.
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    I like the creativity for getting a little more oomph on a budget and with some size and technical constraints. Nice!
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    Excellent. It's pretty amazing what sort of output can be had from small subwoofer systems. It's about the design!
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    Even better Andrew, that same sub is $149 US south of the border!
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    I have no illusions that this is a good sub but it hasn’t yet called attention to itself which is better than most budget subs I’ve heard when pushed beyond their limits.

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