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    I don't usually upgrade anything all that often but when I walk into my local Hi Fi Buys and find everything in the store at 50-75% off prices I've already memorized, it's time to do some damage. Of course, since they don't carry items core to my system, we're mainly talking peripherals:

    Audioquest Sidewinder 2M x 3
    Audioquest Type 4, 10ft pr & 15 ft pr
    MonsterPower Subwoofer Power Center

    and the coup de grace:


    Sonos ZP100 Digital Music System Bundle

    $500 ain't bad for a WiFi based distribution system that sports a color screen, iPod interface, and two slave units each with a 50w stereo amplifier. We always wanted some sort of distribution system, but since we never own out own home installing something was always out of the question. I've been wanted to stow the CD player and go lossless, so this was my excuse. I'm still missing a couple of key components, one being the cradle for the controller and the other a ZP80 add-on player with the digital output. Right now I'm running analogue outs from the ZP100 amplified player into my preamp as it lacks digital output. Since the ZP100 is intented to be a standalone unit for another zone, this makes sense.

    Of course, I'm now in the market for more storage, a ZP80 player, and two pairs of speakers for the two new zones.

    So I need suggestions on speakers suitable for a bedroom and kitchen that are compatible with a 50w solid state amp.

    Oh, I now have to figure out how to run two seperate libraries with iTunes (Apple Lossless for the Sonos and 198kHz for the Nano). It's a good problem to have.
  2. Ken McDaniel

    Ken McDaniel Active Member War Zone Member

    Found a shareware program called Libra which keeps the iPod libraries seperate. I'm able to use it to keep one library of 198kHz rips strictly for the Nano. The other half is going on the 200 GB storage drive as Apple Lossless. The control came with free subscription to Rhapsody as well as countless internet radio stations.

    I would characterize Rhapsody's audio quality as being a slight notch below my 198kHz collection, which in itself is pretty good, not excellent, but very listenable for parties where large varieties are welcome. Rhapsody is certainly better than my older 128 kHz rips. I'm hoping when I finish building the lossless directory the quality picks up noticeably. Eventually I'll pick up the slave with the digital/coax output and hook up an external DAC, but that will wait until Kansas.
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    Congrats on all of your good buys. I keep thinking about a music distribution system, but then remember my house is so small I can just crank it up in the living room and hear it in the back yard. Looks like you should have a cool way to control everything.

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