Amazon to sell music w/o copy protection

Discussion in 'Music Lounge' started by Alfer, May 16, 2007.

  1. Alfer

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  2. Interesting.... and a move in the right direction, IMO.

    I'd be willing to invest some bucks to buy anything without DRM in order to help those artists willing to support such an effort.

    My download of one song which I needed to copy to tape as cleanly as possible made me realize how restrictive all the crap folks who buy their content legally have to go through to use it as they personally want.... within the law as it exists. :(

    DRM on legally bought music content only makes that purchase too expensive for me in most cases.
  3. Jason Lorette

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    That's's always been the buy a piece of make a couple of copies to throw in your car, boat, garage, office, don't buy 8 copies...and everything was fine. The problem is the folks that don't buy the 'one' copy...not the making other copies for yourself...

  4. Yeah, but that's not what the content providers want.... they want us all to buy multiple copies as our previously purchased copies wear out, are damaged, or if we want to give our purchased copy to someone else too. There is no allowance for a legally purchased item being considered and used like we'd use a pair of underwear we also bought at the same store.
  5. CJ

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    You just invalidated your own point. The store doesn't give you a new pair of underwear if you damage or wear them out.
  6. Huh? My target and Walmart does that?

    Seriously though... we can bitch and complain about the inequities all we want with regard to Hollywood, Big Oil and Big Pharma.... but it is to no avail...
    Only campagn reform can help the content consumer.
  7. brianca

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    It all comes down to what you buy when you purchase a CD or DVD, and if having the right to do something equates to requiring the ability to do that thing. Very interesting legal issues IMO.
  8. Interesting?? How bout we just make things equal for all crap sold here in America?

    Shouldn't the first guy/gal who invented the first jean pant be able to restrict others from jean shorts, or any modification of his/her creation?

    How bout you own post here on the Lounge? Don't you also have the same right to protect me from copying your creation as does someone named Madonna?

    Just wondering?

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