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    The Huawei Watch finally received the new Android Wear update over the weekend. It was a seemless process, and took around 20 minutes to fully install. Compared to the beta releases last year, this is a night and day experience. Overall the app is very fast, fluid, and quick to respond to your commands.

    The killer app is Google Fit. Now that I've started weight training, the app will recognize (most of the time) what type of exercise you are performing and record this information. When performing walks, the app on the watch no longer freezes and I can finally see my step and caloric burn counts after more than 5 minutes of training.

    Battery life seems to have taken a dip but nothing to get really worried about. The longest I've been able to use the watch without charging was two days. Adjustments to app alerts helped prolong the battery life, but with this new OS, and the same alerts omitted from the watch, the battery life is still not as long as before.

    My only real gripe is the integration between Google Fit and MyFitness Pal. While MyFitness Pal Recognizes Google Fit's step count, any type of weight training or walking exercises are not recorded. Runtastic, on the other hand, shares this information with MFP, as was the case prior to the update. So from a personal standpoint, there needs to be some type of consolidation among the Fitness apps that I use, two of which I'm paying for. I'm also finding that the Runtastic Pedometer has a better step count than Google Fit, but there is no watch app. I have a Runtastic Libra Bluetooth Scale which works great with MFP and tracks my weight progress.

    So I'm pretty happy thus far with the update. Googles delays regarding the release of the new update may have hurt the sales of many of these personal devices, considering it's been approximately 8 months since talk of releasing the new OS to compatible devices such as the Huawei watch.

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