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  1. Jerry Pease

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    Any experts here? I am trying to learn this convoluted software. It is very challenging. There are many videos out there and tutorials. However, at the end of the day the gps does what ever the f*ck it wants to do.

    A little background, my motorcycle has a factory BMW gps. On Wednesday I ride with the BMW club they go to places I have never been in my life. I am mesmerized the routes they have created. I honestly didn't know Florida had hills, curves, canopy covered old country roads. The problem these guys drive freaking fast and I can NOT enjoy the view. I want to document these routes so I can later revisit and enjoy the scenery.

    I read that my GPS keeps track of the route and I can save it as a custom route. Which I have done. However, the damn thing reroutes to whatever it wants. I want to follow the same route to go there or come back the same way.

    Enter basecamp, supposedly you can connect the gps download the route, modify it if you want and up load it back to the gps. Also, you can create an adventure with basecamp and upload the adventure into the gps and follow the created route. Also, someone else could have created and adventure uploaded it to garmin you may want to follow the same adventure. You can download the adventure uploaded in to your GPS and follow it.

    However, the damn thing re-routes. I have messed around with the default settings, avoid interstate, tolls, etc, etc, etc. but the GPS never follows the base camp adventure.

    Any advice?
  2. Jerry Pease

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    Crap, I posted this on the wrong forum
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    What I do is breakup the route so
    It doesn't have a choice.

    For instance, we drove to Miami in November. I wanted to take 41 across. I know the route well so I didn't worry much about GPS until we got into the outskirts of Miami.

    Coming home I wanted to go through the sugarcane fields and such (which they were burning at the time) so I set GPS to Clewiston and once we got there I set it for home. There were only 2 routes to Clewiston. One back road, one through West Palm. I set it to avoid highways and managed to find the route I wanted.

    I agree, they don't make it easy.

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