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Big Love, step up and be counted for

Discussion in 'TV Land' started by Jerry Pease, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Jerry Pease

    Jerry Pease New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Who is going to enroll? I am going to give it another shot. I lost interest halfway through last year. I might rent last year season.
  2. Michael

    Michael Junior Geek

    I saw and enjoyed the first season. It the new season considered the second or third season?
  3. Tyson

    Tyson New Member

    I'll be watching every episode this season unless it really takes a bad turn. I've really enjoyed the show so far.
  4. DustinDavis

    DustinDavis Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    Funny, I caught on only in the middle of last season and enjoyed season 1 up to the end. S2 premiere was pretty good tonight IMO.
  5. Jerry Pease

    Jerry Pease New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I agree
  6. Greg W

    Greg W New Member

    Oh crap it's on already! woot. Off to uh..watch..it.

    This is a great show, let's hope it doesn't get the HBO treatment a la deadwood and carnivale...

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