Blu ray Second Gen players status?

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Matt J_S, May 24, 2007.

  1. Matt J_S

    Matt J_S New Member

    I'm not doing a good job of staying up to date with the goings on in Blu Ray these days, too busy doing some home reno.

    Just curious if anyone knows timelines on the next rounds of Blu Ray players on there way out, I've heared Sony, Pioneer & Panasonic have all announced new players and I hared Dennon is comming out with there First gen.

    Any timelines on these rumours?
  2. Michael

    Michael Junior Geek

    You probably want to hold off until at least October/November. Players released after then will have to support the "final" version of BD-J.

    You may even want to wait until stand alone players start supporting BD-Live. There is also discussion of a Samsung universal player coming out this summer. It still will probably not support the final version of BD-J, but it might be firmware upgradable since it will have to support PIP (since it is a standard feature in HD DVD) and might even be firmware upgradable to BD-Live since it will need to support networking (a standard feature in HD DVD).
  3. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    As far as waiting, that's a personal choice. Waiting would give you the chance to buy a machine that will be able to playback future HD extra features. If special features are of no use, you can feel confident that todays players will play future discs.

    personally I felt it was easier to buy the most supported player(the PS3) to handle my BR playback. It's a stellar product for that alone. Even if I didn't use it for games, I'd highly recommend it.

    Here are the players announced:

    Samsung Universal player. Rumored MSRP $800 US
    Panasonic BDP10a. Should ship soon. Won't be BDJ compliant. Does TRUE HD via analog 7.1 and DTS HD(not master HD lossless). $599 US
    Pioneer Elite - Same feature set as the Panasonic. Price will be $1k. Should be out soon(August is what I heard).
    Sony - forgot the model number. $599 US. No word on features.
    Onkyo - rumors they are going dual format instead of HD DVD only.

    No denon rumors yet. September is Cedia so they might announce one then.
  4. Matt J_S

    Matt J_S New Member

    Thing is if I keep putting it off there will always be somthing new, My main display only does 720p, and I have no HDMI input on my reciever. The current players will do me just fine, I'm sure I'll have to buy another down the road when I update my Display or Reciever.
  5. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    based on that I'd either buy the Panasonic, the Elite or the Samsung Uni- player.

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