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Building a new sub - Need ideas

Discussion in 'DIY Lounge' started by geppy_41, May 12, 2007.

  1. geppy_41

    geppy_41 New Member

    At first I was looking at buy a new sub but thought I could build one.

    I'm handy with tools and seems like the easiest place to start. I good with the tools. BTW I'm 95% movies and 5% music.

    1. Budget 500 - 700 or so
    2. Size needs to be a cube style along the lines of 2x2 maybe a little bigger depending on the plans and specs of teh actual speaker.
    3. I like crisp snappy base
    4. I need plans as well.

    I hope you folks can help me out building my first of hopefully many speakers.

  2. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    Kyle Richardson, at Acoustic Visions, has a great deal going on with the Tempest Classic which has always been a great sub. $135 plus $10 shipping. Can't hardly beat that!

    I have this in a mid Q design (0.70) with about 350 watts to it. It's a great setup for HT.
  3. E Jones

    E Jones Active Member

  4. geppy_41

    geppy_41 New Member

    Another thing I was curious about is the placement of the sub. Would it matter if it was next to me about 3-5 feet away or near the screen which is about 16 feet away?

  5. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Those new CSS woofers look very nice and the price seems great... especially that XBL2 15"... Hmm...
  6. geppy_41

    geppy_41 New Member

    I think I've narrowed it down a little. I think I found a new space for a sub. And I was thinking of a Sono Tube sub. Are there any drawbacks or limitation?

    Would the sonotube produce a cleaner quicker response than a typical boxed design?

  7. geppy_41

    geppy_41 New Member

    I think I've narrowed it down a little. I think I found a new space for a sub. And I was thinking of a Sono Tube sub. Are there any drawbacks or limitation?

    Would the sonotube produce a cleaner quicker response than a typical boxed design?

  8. EricS

    EricS New Member

    Sonotube provides a smaller footprint and a more easily constructed cabinet. Other than that, there is no real "benefit" to sound quality - you are still dealing with a ported or sealed box of a specfic volume and tuning frequency.

    One thing that you need to keep in mind is to select a driver that can withstand the constant pull of gravity. Dan posted a white paper on the topic at www.adireaudio.com - its under their "Technology Center"

    The TC-1000 driver www.tcsounds.com/tc1000.htm is a good candidate for downward mounting in a vented enclosure for $170. Its a 12" driver with huge linear travel.

    You can use WinISD www.linearteam.dk/default.aspx?pageid=winisd to model the enclosure that you need. Just download the software and plug in the parameters of the driver into the software and then play around with different enclosure sizes and vents if you want to try a ported design.

  9. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus Active Member

    oh oh oh how did i miss this thread?

    do you own your house? can you cut a hole in the celing? want the best bass money can buy? you need to consider an IB sub.

    (doing my job as lead IB sub pimp)
  10. EricS

    EricS New Member

    Here is a useful program for designing a sonotube sub: www.subwoofer-builder.com/sonosub.htm

    Or, if you have the ability, do what Rich says! I will be building an IB in my basement theater soon...

  11. geppy_41

    geppy_41 New Member

    I was watching Master and Commander last night when I realized that I have a cabinet that is hardly ever used. Its about the size of a Sono tub. I was thinking I might turn that into a sub.

    Rich mention about an IB. I've always liked the idea but not to sure. I have a laundry room to the front right of the screen that might work for and IB. I'll post some pics of both.

    I just have to say that you guys are great with all the knowledge and help you provided. So

  12. geppy_41

    geppy_41 New Member

    I have a cabinets that is about 48"x17"x19" which is about 8 cu ft or 226.5 L of volume. Its split in two where each compartment is about 4 Cu feet. This is sitting in front of the screen now and thought it would be great to modify for a sub enclosure. It sturdy but I'd beef it up a little. What are your thoughts.

  13. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Well, "beefing up a cabinet" into a suitable subwoofer enclosure can be a lot harder than it sounds, but designing a new enclosure that can be hidden inside an existing cabinet is not unusual. 4 cuft is a good enclosure size for many woofers. What's your budget?
  14. geppy_41

    geppy_41 New Member

    The budget is $500 - $700 or so. I have the time and space and "expertise" to beef up the enclosure.

    Expertise... Now thats funny.

    What subs would you recommend?

  15. ArtieK

    ArtieK New Member

    IB IB IB IB IB. No,seriously, IB. You'll be doubly thrilled, I guarantee. And it's well within your budget. Really dude, IB.

    I think you should build an IB. And put up an avatar, I like to see who I'm badgering into an IB. Yeah man, go IB. It will be an HFS experience!IB.
  16. E Jones

    E Jones Active Member

    -One doctor looking at the other-
    "Yep, I concur. It's a case of IBitis"


    PS - I love my IB too!
  17. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    $500 to $700 will allow some very nice options for DIY. Let's see, in a 4 cuft system, try a TC Sounds 15" TC-3000 in a bass reflex alignment ported @ 20Hz. At a lower price point the TC-1000 was already mentioned and is a good choice. If they were still available I'd recommend an Adire Tumult, but the new CSS SD 15" driver mentioned earlier in this thread should have similar performance and looks worth checking out at a very low price.
  18. geppy_41

    geppy_41 New Member

    Here is the pic of the front portion of the room.


    The cabinet in front is the one I would use. It essentially has two 4cu ft chambers with a center divide.

    The issue with an IB is the placement. The only place is on the right side of the screen and will be perpendicular, firing away from me. I'm not too sure if that matters?

    To IB or Cabinet. What other info would you guys need to help me choose?


    BTW there might be an WAF involver with the IB.
    Floor Plan coming soon.
  19. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus Active Member

    IB if it can be done, a floorplan would be nice so we can see what were working with. (is there attic space above center screen?)

    on and arties IB would make mine run away like a scared little girl, so tis no wonder he's so excited.

    SAF is low on cutting the hole, do this when your SO is at work. SAF post install is above most anything else, no ugly thing in the room to have to look at. also, remember drywall is relativly easy to patch, so the hole could be unholed if it really had to be.
  20. ArtieK

    ArtieK New Member

    You should check out the the Cult site to see all the options available for IB; ceiling, wall, floor mount. No box in the room. Check out this Mach5 page ~

    You can get two kick-ass 18"drivers and a Bash amp for under $600. The key components for a killer IB that will blow away any box.

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