Cabasse "La Sphere" speakers to ship

Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by DYohn, May 25, 2007.

  1. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor


    Bellingham, Wash. ? French speaker maker Cabasse is shipping its big-ball La Sphere speakers by the pair at $150,000.

    The speakers, marketed in North America by Bellingham-based St. John Group, use a spherical 27.6-inch enclosure to enhance rigidity, eliminate internal standing waves and eliminate diffraction effects. They?re also said to be the world?s first coaxial point-source speaker that uses four coaxially mounted drivers to deliver smooth off-axis response over a wide area.

    The speaker pair features a 22-inch woofer, an 8-inch low-midrange driver, a 5-inch midrange and a 1.2-inch dome tweeter. A four-way digital active crossover network included in the price provides ?perfect time alignment and frequency response both on and off axis,? the company added. The price also includes delivery and complete setup and room calibration by Cabasse engineers.

  2. Ken McDaniel

    Ken McDaniel Active Member War Zone Member

    That's a pretty sexy looking orb.
  3. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    I heard them at the NY Show. They will be mentioned in my show report, which I will try to finish this weekend.
  4. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster


    Maybe I'm on the right path...

    Hey David, anybody you know out there making 3 way coaxial drivers for the DIY market?

    Maybe I need to consider an active XO and another A500 too. Cost of another amp and the active XO would not be prohibitive compared to all of those capacitors and inductors and would offer easy flexibility. Hmmm...

  5. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    Of the handful of coaxial drivers I've heard, Cabasse's are certainly at or near the top.
  6. Randy Rhoton

    Randy Rhoton Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member

    At that price they better be!
  7. cjd

    cjd New Member

    Hi Vi has recently released a 3-way coaxial driver if I remember correctly. Not without its problems, but nothing ever is.

    Mike, a good amp and active crossover will not cost any more than a good passive crossover. ;)
  8. Jack Keck

    Jack Keck Member

    D'ya think they'll work with my Pioneer receiver? Is there a smaller model to use as surrounds and center channel? What about a matching sub?

    Most importantly, how can we talk our wives into letting us get these and how do we finance them?????
  9. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Yes, yes, and yes, but for the last two you are on your own!
  10. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Mike, as Chris mentioned Hi Vi (Swans) has a coax mid/tweeter and a coax 3-way, but the early reports are not that favorable. There are plenty of good sounding coax 2-ways out there and if you are clever you could mount them coincidentally with a nice big woofer like Cabasse does.
  11. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Oh, I'm just getting ahead of myself as usual...

    I'm going to be quite happy playing with the Paudios, and I am giving serious consideration to another A500 with the CX2310. $300 for another 300 watts and an active XO - almost a no brainer.

    But I still haven't started on those 4 cu-ft boxes yet, so again I am ahead of myself - :D

    The original post is what got me going on the active plan - :D
  12. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Just think: if you mount the PAudio drivers on a pole, you could call them the "Thai Sticks."

  13. Saurav

    Saurav Active Member War Zone Member

    You want a 2310? I need to swap mine for a 3400, but have been holding off on buying one. If you're looking for a 2310, let me know.

    So effectively I'm listening to my stereo without high-passing my mains. It sounds pretty damn good actually. But of course we all know that's wrong, mains must be high passed. So don't tell Larry or David I'm doing this, or they'll tell me to high-pass my mains.
  14. About 12 years ago I read a review of the KEF Q 70 in Audio magazine, by Don Keele. Because it has 2 woofers in separate chambers with different tuning frequencies, there is a minimum of floor bounce. The Q70s have coaxially mounted tweeters in the mid-range driver, mounted at the top of the column. I swap them out for my for my JBL L60Ts. The pair of KEF Q70s cost me $700 from Bryn Mawr Stereo.

    All the Best
  15. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Good idea about the 3400. Spend the $40 now and try it both ways - :D

    With 50 Hz tuning, I am thinking a nice steep slope around there could come in real handy.
  16. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    We will? I don't high-pass my stereo mains either.
  17. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    And Eq it 'til there's no semblance of the original music. ;)
  18. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    I bet these sound wonderful. I heard some Cabasse speakers at CES a couple of years ago and they were right at the top of my list (in terms of quality, not likelihood of purchase).
  19. Saurav

    Saurav Active Member War Zone Member

    It was a joke. :roll: :) I know you don't high-pass your mains. Larry is evangelical about the subject.

    <-- That was another joke.
  20. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    That was the HTT Larry. The HTL Larry puts as many things in the signal path as possible; heck, if one is good, more must be better. Ditto for the number of drivers. ;)

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