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  1. carlthess40

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    Hello Audio friends, I’m here in Orlando Florida and I’m 52 years old. I got the Audi bug when I was 14 years old in Baton Rouge La when I used to go to this bigger then life audio store. The sales man would let me ha g out in the high end room and play around with the gear. I always love the Klipsch K-horns and Cornwall’s, one day I was there and this older tall lanky man was in there doing something to the K-horns, later in my life I found out he was. Non other then the late great Paul W Klipsch . That was the day that my true love for audio came about, he spent over 3 hours with me, this 14 year old kid and showing me about how this wonderful speakers worked, mind you I did not understand a damn thing he was talking about. Lol
    I just wanted to offer my help to anyone who may be looking for gear in or around Orlando fl. I have brokered a few fears for people from all over the world, I will go look at the gear and give you a true idea of the items and help with working the price down. I’ll even help with the shipping, I don’t ask for anything other then to cover my gas and what ever it takes to ship the items. I’ve been on the Klipsch fourm for a few years under the name carlthess40
    I’ve done tons of diy speakers and cables and I buy and sell items when I can to help pay for my one and only passion of music
    You may find some threads that I’ve talked in and maybe steeped one some toes, not out of being a bad person, but I stand firm on what I talk about, but will be the first to apologize for being in the wrong
    Sorry for being so long winded and not the best of a writer lol. I think I must that week at school. Lol
    Anyway, if I can help anyone out please just ask, I’m not export on electronics for repairs but I know good, and great gear when I see and here it. With have ing 3 kids over the years I’ve had system from 70k to the bestbuy junk. And I love old Klipsch and JBL speakers and anything tube
    Thanks for letting me introduce myself to you guys
    Carl Hess
  2. claud

    claud Well-Known Member Donor

    Welcome Carl.
  3. Phil A

    Phil A Active Member Top Poster

    Welcome! I am probably about an hour from you
  4. CJ

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    Welcome Carl!
  5. DYohn

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    Are you familiar with the famous anarchist writer who shares your name?
  6. carlthess40

    carlthess40 New Member

    No I’m not, I’ll have to look him up. And thank you for the warm welcome
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  7. Carl V

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  8. Dan Driscoll

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    Hi Carl, and welcome to the Lounge. :)

    I'm also in Florida, the Sarasota/Bradenton area.
  9. jhoak

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    Welcome sir.

    I too live in Florida. About an hour or so away from Orlando in central Polk County.

    Lots of VERY knowledgeable folks here. Don't hesitate to ask ANY question. You'll get good advice from the members here. I know this because I've asked a LOT of questions and the advice I've been given has always been spot on.
  10. Denton

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    Which is why you should never listen to me. I don't know anything. :) jhoak used to have a pair of Cornscalas (if I recall correctly) and Jack Keck is still enjoying his K-Horns (again, if I recall correctly), so you are not alone. I nearly bought some Cornscalas last month and I've got more many speakers than chairs...

    Welcome fellow Floridian, the state with no current plans for offshore drilling. :p
  11. DYohn

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    Denton lies, you should absolutely listen to him but only about the band Wet Willie.
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  12. carlthess40

    carlthess40 New Member

    Lol. I’ve had a love affair with the pro line like the kpt ,KI, Cinema pro and the Heritage line of Klipsch
  13. carlthess40

    carlthess40 New Member

    I’ve been a member of the Klipsch fourm for about 12 years, when they changed the fourm format I lost a lot of my post and member status, and the last few years they have been getting a younger generation of people in there and most of them do not have any manners. So far on here I’m feeling a very nice group of people. I’m the type of man that I won’t type out something that I would not say in person. I don’t hide behind a fake name. Anyone in chat with I do so with the intention of meeting this person face to face one day. But that does not say I won’t put my foot in my mouth about every other day. Lol. Thanks guys for the very warm welcome to this fourm. And also think of me as Radar { from the great tv show Mash }
    Of audio gear. Just ask and I’ll do my best to find it. Lol
  14. Denton

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    We're different here. It's the geezers who are rude. I mean, it's a sh*thole. o_O

    (sorry... and again, welcome.)
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  15. CJ

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    This is a pretty tight knit group and many people have met in real life. I've met over a dozen members. HTL does skew older which probably helps with the manners. We do let loose on each other from time to time but I think it is more like finally having had enough of an irritating family member and going off. A few hours later its all fine.
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