Curse of the Golden Flower

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Shane, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    Last night I watched Curse of the Golden Flower which is a Chinese historical action drama set in the 900-1000AD period in China. Chow Yun-Fat is the primary actor here and doesn't dissapoint. This movie is less action than you would expect(though it's quite good) and more drama than the other films like House of Flying Daggers and Hero.

    Still if you like the political intrigue and riveting action from time to time, this is a worthy film to watch and perhaps own.

    For those curious this is a Mandarin Chinese film so you would need to activate the subtitles. If you watched the 2 previous films then this will not be a surprise to you. The subtitles are oddly placed at the bottom of the frame as well as in the black bar area. This may be an issue if you use a 2.35 scope screen.

    Visually the film is a stunner. Colors galore and amazingly choreographed fight scenes are wonderful to watch.

    Recommended if you can deal with subtitles and liked the previous 2 efforts.

    The film gets a solid 7.5 out of 10.

    From a BR perspective, the PQ is quite good. Not HOFD bad but not Apocalypto jaw dropping. I'd rank it a solid 4 out of 5. The color REALLY pops on the screen.

    Audio wise it's also quite good. It's presented in Mandarin Uncompressed 5.1. It's VERY active at times and room filling to say the least.
  2. Saurav

    Saurav Active Member War Zone Member

    I was unsure about the underlying message of this film. Challenge authority and bad things will happen to you? Have you seen Jet Li's last martial arts movie (I'm forgetting the name right now)? That felt very nationalistic too, almost verging on propaganda.
  3. stephenj

    stephenj Active Member

    I saw this in January and liked it, too. beautiful colors.

    Plus any movie with gong li in a push-up bra on display gets 3 stars right off the bat.
  4. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    Fearless. It didn't feel Nationalistic to me. Fearless really just dug deep into an issue about how ones ego can stop one from thinking clearly.
  5. Saurav

    Saurav Active Member War Zone Member

    Well, yes, that was the story at a personal level. I just thought there was a strong undercurrent of "The ways of the West are bad for China" that was the setting for the man's story.
  6. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    I can see that but I reckon that is how they thought back then.

    There are several Japanese movies that portray this as well.
  7. Greg W

    Greg W New Member

    Superb choreography, beautiful colors...great acting. But I was a little annoyed that EVERY protagonist....well, those of you that watched it know.
  8. Saurav

    Saurav Active Member War Zone Member

    Oh, I'm sure there are. It's a common theme in Indian movies from a certain era, so I'm quite used to it. I just thought it was interesting in a movie made today.

    Maybe I'm just reading too much geo-political significance into it :)
  9. Andrew Beacom

    Andrew Beacom New Member

    While this film was enjoyable it dragged in a couple of places and was a let down from Hero and House of Flying Daggers.
  10. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

    Very weak compared to those others have listed in previous posts. It dragged quite a bit and the few action sequences were a mess. Not nearly as well shot compared to those other films as well. All-n-all, it was a let down.
  11. Bill Stratton

    Bill Stratton Active Member

    Just got around to watching this on Blu-ray.

    Astounding visuals. More color than you can imagine in the palace! Sets and costumes were amazing.

    Story was a bit hard for me to follow. 7/10

    Hero is still my favorite of this series.
  12. Mike Parent

    Mike Parent New Member

    Just did a google image search on "Gong Li"... holy crap! :blink:
  13. Mike Parent

    Mike Parent New Member

    She was voted the most beautiful woman in China in 2006.
  14. Jason Lorette

    Jason Lorette Active Member

    I mentioned this one a while back:


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