David Cassidy RIP

Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by Kevin, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Active Member War Zone Member

    The Partridge Family star died today at the age of 67 in LA of organ failure.
  2. Phil A

    Phil A Active Member Top Poster

    RIP - just saw the news
  3. Carl V

    Carl V Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Dang 67

  4. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

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    67 and had suffered from dementia for at least the past five years. That's two musicians recently killed by the brain eating disease while in their 60's (Malcolm Young being the other.) RIP
  5. Dan Driscoll

    Dan Driscoll HTT Refugee Donor War Zone Member

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