Deck stain water-proofness time.

Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by CJ, May 30, 2007.

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    Poorly worded title but I want to know if I stain my deck how soon can it get wet without causing problems?
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    FYI...CR tested stains/treatments and the top two were:

    Cabot Deck Stain #1480..held up the best to everything
    Cabot Solid COlor 1880...almost as good.

    The farther down the list the worsre the brand held up.
  5. cjd

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    Water based probably should get a day or two though ~6-8 hours is I think minimum. Whatever the "between coats" time is usually indicates a safe amount of time before water won't be problematic. Though a really heavy storm at 6 hours might be an issue... ;) So, wait till you've a couple days clear weather predicted.

    With asthma (and kids), I wouldn't even look at the solvent based stuff. Fumes are nasty.

  6. CJ

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    Thanks guys
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    Ok, good info, but does that apply to fences as well. Also What brand have you guys had the best luck with. I have used thompson seal, and I am thinking about going now to a stain. Any thoughts?
  8. cjd

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    Far as I know, yeah. Fences too. Though they don't get the physical abuse (grinding dirt in, etc.) a deck gets.

    The folks that installed the fence in our yard (before we moved in) were dumbasses, mounted every post in cement. So they're all starting to rot at the top of the cement. One's already toast.


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