Do you make blind buys?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by DYohn, May 23, 2007.


Do you make blind buys?

  1. CDs only

  2. Movies (DVD or HD media) only

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  3. Both music and movies

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  4. I do not make blind buys

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  1. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Since there has been some mention recently about blind buys, how about a poll? Simple question: do you do it and what do you buy?

    Alfer has been fond of pointing out that he thinks blind buys are a silly waste of money (at least when RonP talks about them) but it is the way I like to discover new things. I don't buy movies, but I probably spend at least $100 a month on CDs, and most of them are blind buys.

    How about you?
  2. CJ

    CJ Bronze Member Admin War Zone Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    It depends on what you mean by blind. If you mean simply without having heard the album or seen the movie first then yes. If you mean totally blind like Hmm, the cover looks interesting (haven't heard a note or seen a clip and haven't heard anyone talk about it) then still yes but not NEARLY as much.
  3. Tom R S 4

    Tom R S 4 New Member War Zone Member

    I do for music, and I don't think I ever have for movies, though I could be wrong. The music blind buys aren't completely blind, though. I wouldn't just randomly pick something up from the 'pop' section of the music store, whereas I could conceivably do this in the 'jazz' section, for example.
  4. Dan S.

    Dan S. New Member

    It won't let me vote, but I woould vote yes for movies and music. I pick up more movies that way but occassionally will snag the unheard music.
  5. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    All the time on both. You get burned once in a while. So what? It's $15.
  6. I can't vote either... but don't ever make any blind buys with media or even with electronics from China.
  7. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    The voting thing is broken..

    I've blind bought many times over the years...but after several wasted efforts I'm much more critical of what I get...most of the time I can get free samples of music online so I always check AMazon etc to see if the songs on an album sound interesting or not...if so, I'll buy it.

    I got many movies on DVD based on what folks said were good movies...not all of them turned out to be good and I sold them or traded them in for a better movie.

    Even if I owned a new format, no way would I toss around $20-$40+ on a movie I haven't seen and liked..not good financial move for ME. I much much rather rent for $4 and if I like it that much I'd perhaps buy...but lately (say the last 4+ years there really haven't been many good movies out there that I deemed a "must own" so renting for us is totally cool. Only movies I buy these days are kids flix from Pixar etc.

    Now back in the early days of DVD I went nuts buying any movie that looked to be a good "demo" disc...many times they ended up being so-so flix that rarely ever got re-watched...when the smoke cleared in the years after, I realized how much money I was wasting on flix that just were watched once then put on a shelf.
  8. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    See for us, the $15 can help buy a quick dinner out for the 3 of us, so I can't just toss money around with a "who cares" attitude like I did way back in the early days of DVD.
  9. Right now.... $15 gets me to, and back, the next job interview.... :cry:
  10. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

    Headed to BB to make a blind buy shortly. I buy the majority of my movies blindly. I bet the bulk of my collection has been bought blindly.

    The blind buy, even hi-def media is cheaper then my wife and I going out to see the moive once. Pay $20+ to see a moive once or buy it for about the same and own it.
  11. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    Quick dinner at McDonalds maybe. It's still $15. not a ton of money in the grand scheme of things.
  12. AndrewM

    AndrewM New Member

    3 people can eat for $15?

    Wouldn't doing a "blind rent" still fall under the same category? If you don't like the movie, it's still money wasted, do that a few times and you just missed out on a wonderful $15 Taco Bell dinner ;)

    FWIW I buy tons of stuff blind, but it's not always very blind, especially with movies, I'll know the director/producer/stars of a film, so it may not be completely blind.

    So in reality you didn't actually "waste" the full $15 since you got money/product back?
  13. mark j

    mark j New Member

    My wife does, I don?t typically. I think we are doing well keeping 50% of the blind buy movies. As Ron said its cheaper to buy the disk in what ever format than hitting the theater.
  14. Generally, I screen the movie for free or during a matinee and then make the decision for our family as to whether or not we rent the movie when it hits the local $1.05 per day box at our Kroger. :)
  15. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    With music it's never a waste if you ask me. I love music in general and am almost always satisfied with totally blind purchases, and if I don't like something it will either get re-sold or given away. I often buy a music CD just because I've never heard of it so I can check it out (just check my "What's Spinning" entries. I bought "The Mars Volta" CD because I thought the cover looked cool and I had never heard of them. Spent $13.99 on it too.) :) If I regularly purchased DVD media I'd do the same thing with them.

    And buy the way CJ, what's up with the poll permissions thing?
  16. I love music too... but usually hear what I want to buy via the free airwaves on the radio, or internet, before I buy it. Now-a-days, I can enjoy classical, oldies, current and progressive rock anytime I want, and use that to determine what I want to buy in the future.
  17. CJ

    CJ Bronze Member Admin War Zone Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    Is there something wrong with them? You can let me know here because I'm watching this thread but in the future PM or email me with forum software issues as I may not be aware of them at all.
  18. CJ,

    I don't think any of us can respond to the poll and have it register...?
  19. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    I don't blind buy movies anymore. I got burned a couple times in a row, so I stopped. As for music, I get it from Napster so there isn't any blind buying there.
  20. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    I bought blinds and curtains when I moved into my new home.

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