Dragon's Lair now on Blu-Ray

Discussion in 'Smartphones, Computers, Gaming and Networking' started by Alfer, May 11, 2007.

  1. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

  2. Troy Seufert

    Troy Seufert New Member

    If they ever put Space Ace or Cliff Hanger out on BluRay I would seriously have to consider buying a PS3. Dragons's Lair was cool because it was first, but I spent WAY more quarters on the other two. :)
  3. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I never never got the appeal of Dragon Liar or Space Ace and never even really figured out how to play them.

    I always wondered why people were so intrigued by them.

  4. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    For us it was the idea tht you could manipulate an actual animated movie and still be in the video "game" realm.
  5. Troy Seufert

    Troy Seufert New Member

    Right...not to mention that these came out at a time when Video Game graphics were very very poor. You could play Pac Man or Joust or you could watch a fully and beautifully animated world come to life. The gameplay is completely lame of course, it's just a memorization game, but the visuals were amazing.

    In our arcade they actually had Dragons Lair, Space Ace and Cliff Hanger all hooked up to large TV's so everyone could watch you play.
  6. Stefan

    Stefan Active Member War Zone Member

    Yeah, I spent many dollars on Dragon's Lair until I finally won. The appeal is exactly as Troy said. It was one of a kind. I never did well at Space Ace and I never heard of Cliffhanger.

  7. Troy Seufert

    Troy Seufert New Member


    Cliff Hanger was a japanese anime style one. Same basic principle, but it added a second button. You had one button for "Hand" Actions and one button for "Feet" actions. However, the on-screen indicators would only be "Action" so it upped the memorization/Trial & Error difficulty quite a bit (and therefore sucked out more quarters). However, it was an amazingly cool story. There is one section where you are literally taking on an army of Ninjas and fighting them over a series of rooftops.

  8. Stefan

    Stefan Active Member War Zone Member

    Thanks for the link Troy. I think 1983 was nearing the end of my regular arcade visits. Just never bumbed into it.


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