El Topo

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Colton, May 10, 2007.

  1. Colton

    Colton New Member War Zone Member

    Anyone seen this? What a weird movie. Cowboy spegetti western meets Jesus Christ or something. :?
  2. Tyson

    Tyson New Member

    Is this the one that is about 20 years old by now? If so, yes I have seen it and only remember it being very weird, too. I don't remember much about it other than that.

    It was hard to find back then on tape. Is it available these days?
  3. Tyson

    Tyson New Member

    Oh hell I just looked it up (should have done that first I guess). I saw it 20 years ago, but the movie is 36 (!) years old.
  4. John Celardo

    John Celardo Well-Known Member Donor

    Sorry to revive this thread, but Leonard Lopate, a talk show host on WNYC, the New York public radio station, interviewed producers Robin Klein and Mick Gochanour. They?re restoring three films from the underground director Alejandro Jodorowsky who directed ?El Topo.? I saw the film in an art house in Manhattan when I was in college in the late 60s. I think my friends and I employed some form of intoxicant, so my memory is not great. I do remember that it was very strange, and very bloody.

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