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    F*CK takes a look at the origin and impact of what many consider the most vulgar, offensive word (short of the C word perhaps in more modern times). Theres an attempted look into its origin but mostly just dismiss the asinine urban legends. The documentarian interviews comedians, religious figures, news casters, politicians, rappers, porn stars and even Miss Manners to discuss the word. It does get political as there is some history of the word's impact on 1st amendment related court cases. Also many of the interviewees feel that we are currently entering a dark(er) age of censorship so they interject their political views along the way. And then there's the FCC. Oh boy howdy... Any way, if you liked "This Film is Not Yet Rated, I think you will like F*CK.
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    Thanks CJ...I'd never heard of this.
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    Is the movie F*CK fucking great?

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