FCC to Consider Direct To Voicemail (DVT) Petition By Solicitors

Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by Dan Driscoll, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Dan Driscoll

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  3. capsuleri

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    This will let the junk caller to bypass the Do Not Call provision and fill our Voice mail boxes. Given the current level of stupidity at FCC they will likely allow it.
  4. Phil A

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    Can't control what they do but luckily my Ooma home telephone (IP) service blocks out virtually all of those and since I have the deluxe service I can add anything to my personal blacklist. Where I used to live with my regular land line I had another device (forget what it was at the moment) that went on the phone line and helped a little. But those people will drive you nuts. I'm still tweaking spam controls on my email and I've managed to get rid of lots of those.
  5. Drew

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    Bunch of greedy fuckers. Is it illegal to defecate in a box and mail it to someone? I'm asking for a friend.
  6. Phil A

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    They have no respect for one's privacy or time. That's why the Do Not Call list was created in the first place. That's one reason I got the Ooma deluxe service (Ooma itself after the buy the box is taxes/month - usually $4-5 and unlimited US calling and they give you an App to use their network too if you want from the cell phone - never used it). The deluxe service includes unlimited calling to Canada too (which I use from time to time as I have components manufactured there and talk to tech support once in a bit. The deluxe also includes your own personal blacklist. They filter out almost of that crap anyway so you almost never get those type calls and if I do, it is easy to log on to my account (which shows incoming and outgoing calls) and blacklist the number. The deluxe also gives one a virtual second line, which one from of Ooma's phone sets (the service works with any phone as long as your in home bridge is not wired to the street) allows a second line.
  7. GHilinski

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    Why are you guys surprised at this? The FCC is not enforcing the existing TSA rules to begin with and the majority of businesses that use telemarketing are not following it because there is no enforcement or the fines that they have laid out in the TSA act. Yes, they do once a year go after one or two companies to show that the are monitoring but that is about the extent of the enforcement.

    Look at cloaking. I received a call from my own home phone number. The FCC knows this is happening and they know where it is coming from but they refuse to act. This is the equivalent of the girl they found that downloaded a few songs from napster and fined her thousands, yet bit torrents live in the free environment with no harm. These laws are to protect stupid people from their own stupidity.
  8. Drew

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    We aren't surprised. $$$
  9. CJ

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    The FCC is seeking comment, which they will promptly ignore.
  10. capsuleri

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  11. GHilinski

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    Actually, this is what will happen which is what happened with the TSA (Telemarketing Services Agreement). They spent a ton of time researching and writing very specific regulations concerning lead management, scripting, verification of sales, call recording, etc. It was a super detailed analysis, very thorough and made a lot of sense. They enacted it, busted a few companies for not following it, scared the straight shooter companies into following it and drag it out to enforce it once in a while. The only real problem with the TSA was the definition of the EBR (Existing Business Relationship) criteria which you could drive a tank through the logic. Most violators claimed EBR and got away with it.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, it took them years to bust the fake IRS guys and have never been able to trace the guys from India calling because your computer is throwing off codes.
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