"Finished" my media storage.

Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by chad, May 19, 2007.

  1. chad

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    Well, as I have posted in another thread I am working through the assembly phase of my first dedicated theater. The room is the front, family room but there is a larger addition in the back that we use as the family room. The room had a coat closet that I ran electrical to and shelved out for all of my electronics, well, that takes the top half of the closet. The bottom half was reserved for media storage. I purchased black shelve boards and finally got around to putting them in today. Well, while it looks nice and my movies that have been in a box since we moved 4 months ago are finally out and easy to find now I just don't have enough room. I managed to get 4 36" shelves in and the discs are laying on their sides stacked top to bottom, end to end....some rows are double stacked. I need at least 2 more shelves just to hold what I currently have and thats not counting HD DVD which WILL NOT be in kids reach. I would assume that at some point in the future I will need to shelve out the entire closet just for media storage.

    I am going to start shopping around for a 300+ disc player for my SD stuff and buy 2 of them. I will miss the upconversion my HD A2 offers.
    Any ideas on this? Do the players since what you are putting in or do you have to program yourself? I currently have between 400-500 SD titles with no intent of stopping the collection
  2. chad

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    I may have conjured up a simple solution. My screen wall goes un used and the back side of said wall is the garage which is just used for storage. Is there any any wall media storage? I don't want to make any structeral changes so if it can fit between studs that would be cool. I would be happy to totally recess it in wall or it can stick out a few inches as my screen hangs about 10" off of the wall.
  3. Max Yokell

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    Are there pictures of said storage or are we supposed to just take your word for it. ;)

  4. chad

    chad Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Ummm, just like I tel my kids... immagine!

    Our camera is dead as a door nail, my mom - in - law is bringing hers down for me to use tomorrow... I will warn you though, the "closet" has not been painted or finished in any way so it looks pretty rough still.
  5. Stew

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    I'm confused.

    You say it's a dedicated HT, but then you say there's an addition in the back used as the living room. Is this addition seperated by a door (hence, dedicated)? or is it one big combo room (not dedicated)?

    You should easily be able to knock out some drywall and create your own storage solution in the garage/theater wall.
  6. chad

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    Sorry for the confusion. The dedicated room is the front room of the house. The only other thing the room is used for is walking in the front door. The room feeds to the kitchen and hall way to the bedrooms and bath. On the other side of the kitchen is the addition that is used as the family room. I may knock some sheet rock down and build shelves in.

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