First look at the Speed Racer car

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Alfer, May 31, 2007.

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    WHOA, I'm too young to have grown up with the cartoon (though it was still on, it wasn't "in") but this movie looks like it could be cool.
  3. Alfer

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    I grew up in the era of it, but never ever got into just seemed so corny....overall I've never gotten into Japenese animation.

    However I know there are a TON of folks that do so I'm sure they are pumped to get a first glimpse of the car.

  4. CJ

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    Yeah, I was into stuff like "synchronized lip movement" and such nonsense when I was young :D
  5. Tyson

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    :!: :!: :!:

    If this is common knowledge, I didn't know it.


    I watched this cartoon some as a kid. I am not sure when the cartoons were made, but I was watching them in the late 70's or so I think it was.
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  7. Max Yokell

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    Didn't they do V is for Vendetta?

    Yeah the Mach 5 looks hot, I hope the trunk is big enough for Sprittle and his Chimp smf and loads of Candy.

  8. Tyson

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    I believe they produced. Not sure if they were responsible for the screenplay.
  9. Ron-P

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    I'm looking forward to this, loved the cartoon, hopefully they do it right and don't screw it up. Now, if someone out there would do a Johnny and his Flying Robot movie my life would be complete. That was my favorite show as a kid.
  10. Ken McDaniel

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    So we get to see this when? May 2008? Damn, that's a long way.
  11. Saurav

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    Johnny Socko (sp?) and his Flying Robot? OMG, I watched that as a kid too. I'd spend winter vacations with my cousin in Calcutta, and we could get this one TV channel broadcast from neighboring Bangladesh. I remember we watched Different Strokes (mostly went over my head) and Johnny Socko. In black and white. That was when Indian TV had one government-run channel, and of course there were no foreign programs shown. Rupert Murdoch came by many years later.

    Wow... didn't think I'd hear someone mention that show here :)

    OK, it's Sokko. Is this the same show you're talking about?
  12. LarryB

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    The Wachowski brothers did indeed write the screenplay for "V for Vendetta."
  13. Ron-P

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    That's the one, but not the anime, the real-life TV show. I have most all the episodes on VHS.
  14. Ron-P

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  15. Saurav

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    I remember the live-action version as well.
  16. DYohn

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    Here was my favorite from those days:


    I used to watch Voltron with my daughter when she was a kid and I was home in the afternoon. As I recall it was on right after He Man, Master of the Universe and before Thundercats.
  17. Max Yokell

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    I remember watching Speed Racer and Prince Planet when I was like 5 or so back to back.

  18. Randy Rhoton

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    Even as an adult, I liked Thundarr the Barbarian. And Speed Racer. It was so hokey it was fun. And I have the 18th. scale die cast model in my collection.
  19. Hayes Preston

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    I loved Speed Racer when I was growing up, and I think this movie could be cool. The car looks perfect to me. Can't wait for the first looks at Speed and Racer X!
  20. Michael M

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    Thanks to the good ol' boys from Ohio:

    'Speed Racer' by Devo

    Great Devo song! :wink:

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