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  1. stephenj

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    entertaining girls-wants-to-play-on-the-boys-team story, pretty much identical to "bend it like beckham", but better executed - far grittier and less glamor/hollywoodish. plus, has a nice selection of late 70s rock music for those of us of a certain age.

    your 12 year old daughter will like it.
  2. Mike Parent

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    This movie is actually largely based on real events from Elisabeth Shue's childhood.

    [spoiler:0733cfeb0a]Facts From IMDB:
    * Was an accomplished high school gymnast with aspirations to the state finals.
    * Named her son after her late brother, William, who died at the family's summer home on Block Island, Rhode Island, when the tire swing he was on broke and he fell onto a broken tree branch. He was impaled and died while his siblings looked on helplessly.[/spoiler:0733cfeb0a]
  3. stephenj

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    Yes, and it's dedicated to her brother. Not a bad film, the girl who stars has a lot of emotional intensity. sure, cliches abound, but it's well-executed.

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