Great Buy on A Fine Subwoofer

Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by Christopher Saunders, May 18, 2007.

  1. Outlaw has a sale on the LFM-1 Plus. It is $499 plus shipping, or $949 for two, plus shipping. The sale is over at the end of May. The reviewer said:

    "At $679 the LFM-1 Plus subwoofer from Outlaw is proof that you don't have to pay a lot to get a lot. The LFM-1 Plus is a wonderfully musical sub with enough impact to satisfy even the craziest basshead. Subwoofers are the unsung heroes of any multi-channel music or movie in that they are often shunned for their appearance yet are called upon to move mountains at the drop of a hat. Well I'm pleased to announce that the LFM-1 Plus subwoofer isn't your average run of the mill hero. It's a super hero."

    I don't own this sub, however, it was designed by Dr. Hsu. I have a pair of large Hsu subs and they are not quite as good as a pair of Velodyne DD-18's, but they cost about $4,000 less.

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