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Discussion in 'Picture Show' started by Tim, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Tim

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    I am in the beginning stages of my second home theater for the same client in his new house.
    The first house was just under 12,000 sq,ft. and new house is about 3000 sq.ft., extream downsize.
    My client has pretty close to every movie ever made and dvd storage is biggest concern.
    The first theater had an office built with it's entrance hidden within the wall, it looked awesome!

    His first house was a very large unfinished grey primered basement, an open canvas to do what ever I wanted, no limits. I was told to do what I would if it were my own home, so, $600,000.00 and a year later we finished the job.
    Now, 14 years later, I am starting another home theater in a much smaller house.
    I have tons of images and will share step by step of the one I am doing now as time goes.
    Right now, I am building walls to show owner different layouts and tearing it apart and changing the layout to suit owners needs.
    He has to see it built to understand, no blueprints at all, just whatever comes to my mind gets built and altered to fit his needs. GREAT gig!

    Images of first home make over and complete basement build including a very nice theater.
    I forgot to mention that the first home was a show home in a new sub-division, it was their model home made up into offices throughout the house to sell other lots to build new homes.
    We were tearing this new, never lived in home a part to make home owner changes before the house was vacated. It was great!
    All custom wood work was completed on site.


    The link above is to my old construction site sotospeak, go to gallery home to see a few other projects.



    Many more images to come!
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    Tim, welcome to Home Theater Lounge.

    Cool story about the theater. I'm curious what your background is, did you start in home construction and move into A/V custom install or is that where you started? I'm checking out some of the other photos but the site is a little slow (no big deal).

    Don't forget to check out the monthly movie give-away. Also, I'm trying to breath a little new life into the forum so give us your thoughts in some other threads and feel free to invite any friends over from other forums you participate in. We generally try to keep things low drama but if you know any people who might be a good fit, I'd be happy to have them.
  3. Dan Driscoll

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    Hi Tim,

    Cool story and nice pics.

    Welcome aboard! :)
  4. Carl V

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    hello & welcome to this merry band
  5. Andrew Pratt

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    Welcome! I'd love a budget like that to work with for some of the side jobs I get involved with!
  6. Tim

    Tim New Member

    Thank's for the warm welcome everyone!

    I am 51 and have been in the construction field my entire life, love it! I started working for a few very wealthy clients and news travels fast about high end finish work and they like to outdo one another, lucky me. lol
    All of my larger jobs have had huge open ended budgets, again, lucky me.
    I will post again over the weekend.
    Thanks again for the warm welcome.
  7. claud

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  8. Rick C

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    Hello and welcome. Nice work!
  9. Mike

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    It is refreshing to see this kind of thing still happening. The appreciation of film and home theaters peaked some time back and I am hoping it spikes again.

    Nice work you are doing.
  10. CJ

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    I agree. There's a thread here on the forum about HT and Audio declining and there was a lot of talk about the great recession. I'm not sure if it will ever fully recover but it would be nice to see a bounce back.

    Here it is: What Happened to HiFi?

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