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Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by Hayes Preston, May 9, 2007.

  1. Hayes Preston

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    and I'm a movieholic.

    I thought I would start a new thread so we could all get to know each other (all over again.) Many of us came from HTT, but we are here now and as we get new members it may be nice for us to have a place to introduce ourselves.

    So here goes:

    I have been into "home theater" since I was very young, I remember when my dad bought his first VCR. I distinctly remember when we were able to go the the Video Rental Store, and rent a VHS copy of the first Star Wars (it was just called Star Wars then, no Episode IV, no "A New Hope") It was a family EVENT!! We watched on either a 25 or 27 inch tube, and it was great. Right after the Flacon gets captured we PAUSED THE MOVIE, for bathroom breaks and dessert.

    A few year later, we bought one of the first VCRs with a stereo output, since (at the time) the stereo was in a completely different room than the TV, we would have "movie nights" and move the VCR and TV into the room with the stereo to watch movies, I remember the first movie we watched Talking Heads Stop Making Sense.

    I think I have varried tatse when it come to movies and music, I usually go for quality over any particular genre in both.

    I have been through several iterrations of my own HT, currently I am running a Toshiba XA-1 into a Sony SXRD, using a Marants receiver driving Polk Audio LSi series speakers with a Sunfire Super Junior Sub.

    Other than movies and the HT, I love good food, wine, cigars. Iam divorced, have two children, and I'm in the military. That's me in a nutshell
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    I'll start a thread named Introduce Yourself

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