How do you stay motivated?

Discussion in 'The Photography Lounge' started by CJ, Jan 21, 2018.

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    I've taken like 4 photos since October 2016. All of my hobbies ebb and flow. My XBone will got 5 months without being booted up and then I'll rack up 100 hours on Fallout 4 again. I'll amass nearly 200 unwatched films and then I'll watch 14 movies in the first 3 weeks of January.

    I know we used to do the challenges here and they fell off for a variety of reasons. Are y'all shooting and just not posting here or...
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    I've been taking some shots with my DSLR, but none that have really wowed me, and thus they just stay on my laptop. I plan on going back down to Melbourne, Florida in March for their annual airshow featuring The Thunderbirds. Last spring I purchased a Sigma 150-600mm lens and I used it for an airshow featuring The Blue Angels, I posted some of those shots here.

    In may I plan to upgrade to a Nikon D500, so my interest in photography is still there, but I know the airshow in Melbourne was a wakeup call for new gear. I paid for the Photo pit section where I was with a host of photographers with much better gear. No Sony gear, mainly Nikons and Canons.

    I would like to just get out one day and snap some shots of nature and street photography, and not equate taking photos to not just travel, but more leisurely.
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    I've really fallen off. Two main reasons: I used to like to take pictures of my older daughter playing softball, but I've been coaching so I haven't been able to do that! And my daughter has had a real rough couple of years with some health issues and she, even at 7/8 and now almost 9, really didn't want her picture taken because she didn't like the way she looked. She's finally starting to get back to her happy self and like the camera again.

    Now that my younger daughter is starting to get into sports and activities herself, I might be taking more. Or end up coaching more ...

    I did a "photo shoot" for our Christmas cards this year, here are a couple that came out okay:
    IMG_6505.jpg IMG_6532.jpg IMG_6533.jpg

    I'd be lying, though, if I said I haven't thought many times about getting rid of all my Canon gear and getting a Micro 4/3 system just for the weight savings and the ability to carry it around all day.
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    Motivation comes, motivation goes. It is what it is. Don't sweat it. Do these things only when you are motivated, otherwise it changes from a hobby into WORK.
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    Yeah, and work sucks. I gave it up 3 years ago - :)

    Or there's always a Tony Robbins seminar you could attend.
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    I was speaking specific to photography (or insert your own artistic pursuit). Not necessarily life in general or work.
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