How to treat my loud screen?

Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by chad, May 30, 2007.

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    I am in the "how do I make my room quieter stage of building my home theater. I have a window to deaden and standard room treatments but now I am faced with one noisy scren case. It is a 119" Da Lite HP pull down with black case that I ordered from Jason Turk at AVS. For the most part I am thrilled with the screen, but, I have noticed some ringing from the screen and when I clap my hands I can hear it ringing. I am going to eventually paint the ceiling to match the rest of the room ( just lazy more than anything I have the supplies) and hang a black velvet valance in front of it because the screen is rather reflective ( visually as well).

    I thought about getting some of that peel and stick stuff the car guys use, would that work here? And or would it void the warranty? Any cheap (free) tips to start with? My HT budget is in the dumper right now, I have not bought a new movie for about 2 weeks!
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    Don't know about the warranty but you are on the right track. You need to damp the metal case to lower the resonant frequency and remove some of the reverberant energy which you could do with many things including dynamat type products you are thinking of. IF you put something in the case that cases it to break, I would think that would not be covered under warranty.
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    It would be external, I don't like opening stuff up anymore than I have to. I will probably just look around for the best prices on dynamat, thanks.

    Any ideas what to do about my noisy furnace / ac? It is in a closet in the bathroom just down the hall from the movie room. I thought about putting a door up in the opening to the hallway, but, will probably just hang black velvet drapes with black out cloth on the back ( part of my plan for astetics) but thats not going to solve the problem totally. I usually try to keep it set pretty low before watching anything just to avoid it kicking on during an important point, but, it still tends to do just that. We just had a new furnace installed right after we moved in, but the ac unit is pretty old and while we would like to have it replaced it is not in the budget right now. When he installed it, he did a great job and it is quiet but with the ac it can get pretty loud sometimes.

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