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Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by CJ, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. CJ

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  2. Michael

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    My turn!

    I am kicking around either The Matador or The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.

    I saw and enjoyed both movies. At this point I am leaning towards The Matador as it is more of a summer movie compared to the darker The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.

    So let's go with The Matador!
  3. Steve Tannehill

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    Perfect timing, I am long overdue for a movie, and this one is sitting on the shelf!

    - Steve
  4. CJ

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    Spoilers in this post.

    Just saw this so I'll start. I really liked this. Very charming. Loved the two main characters and thought the actors were well cast. Loved "Bean" (Greg Kinear's wife) and her reaction to Brosnan's character. And, as I mentioned before I LOVED LOVED LOVED Brosnan's lines, especially his comebacks. Cracked me up numerous times.

    The only thing that struck me was the ending. I was just SURE that there would be a twist that Kinear ended up pulling the trigger, which he didn't and that Brosnan's breakdown was an act and he was training his replacement. That woudl have been a cool ending IMO.
  5. Jason Lorette

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    I love the scene where Brosnan is walking through the hotel in his boxers and boots with a drink in hand, first thing in the morning...that cracked me up!
  6. Michael

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    My mini-review.


    The movie had some good humor and an interesting build-up. I agree that it seemed a bit anti-climactic. There was some tension once Brosnan's characters was in Kinear's home that was never really explored or taken advantage of. They could have probably gone in several different directions at that point, and seemed to take the safest route to a "happy" ending.

    I still really enjoyed the film. Some of the stuff that comes out of Brosnan's mouth is just priceless.
  7. CJ

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    The tension was over whether Kinear's wife knew that Kinear participated in an assassination... and, one which landed his company the deal that saved his job, personal finances and possibly his marriage.
  8. Shane

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    Very quirky film but I loved every minute of it. The acting in this film was superb.
  9. hgroff

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    Great movie, yes quirkie is the word!
  10. Me, too.

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