I don't care what your stance is, this is hilarious!

Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by CJ, May 21, 2007.

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    That was fantastic.
  5. Ron-P

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    I'll say it....LAME.
  6. Colton

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    "Public Domain is a disgrace to the forces of evil." LOL!!!
  7. Alfer

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    It was cool that the guy could create something like that, must have taken a lot of time to gather the right clips, but I'd have to agree with Ron on this one.
  8. I enjoyed the creativeness of it.. and found another site to check out in the credits.
    Check out this site along with the EFF and DCO sites:
  9. Jason Lorette

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    Like merc said...fantastic creatively...
  10. John F

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    OK, I'll ask the million dollar question: Were any laws/license agreements broken in the making of that video?
  11. Nope. Disney lawyers would have had that taken down within minutes of it airing if it broke any laws etc...
    Also, since it only discussed the area's of Fair Use that Disney wants known, they probably would endorse its' viewing.
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    Did you watch the clip? Fair use isn't a right, its a defense against a charge of copyright infringement :D But seriously, the biggest risk with a piece like that is where did they get the clips? If they ripped them from copy protected sources, they violated the DMCA even IF they were operating under the "protection" of fair use. But we simply don't know and it would be difficult to prove in court what the source of the clips was.
  13. I think the clips looked crappy enough to satisfy Disney lawyers that they were obtained via camcorder filming a screen... aka, Larry's recommended method. :lol:
  14. Chris White

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    That's a lot of work.
  15. That's what I thought too.... kinda like a claymation-film but without the clay.
  16. CJ

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    Quite possibly, either that or VHS.
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    Its a very nice compilation put together by one of my colleagues here at Bucknell University that works in the Film Studies area. I shared this video last semester with my class when we covered the topic of intellectual property. It was very well received to say the least.

  19. CJ

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    Are you serious? Well tell him we thought it was cool!
  20. EricS

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    I'll be sure to pass along the comments, CJ. Perhaps I'll just send him the URL for this thread.


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