I have a problem with my computer, please help...

Discussion in 'Music Lounge' started by James E, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. James E

    James E New Member

    I have a ton of music saved on my computer, I use it as a music server. Out of the blue my iTunes has been playing very glitchy and skips a lot. At first I thought it was just iTunes (all the files are fine by the way) but now other music players are skipping. Any idea what the problem is? At first I thought it was memory related but the problem just showed up out of the blue. Since then I have deleted a bunch of stuff that I didn't need. Here is what I have done to try to fix the problem:
    1. Reloaded two different versions of iTunes (one old, one new)
    2. Messed around with the Quicktime settings
    3. Ran msconfig
    4. Ran Spybot S & D, Symantic, and Ad-aware.
    5. Defraged my computer, and disk clean up.
    6. Deleted temp files
    7. Reloaded my entire library into iTunes.
    8. Updated my soundcard drivers

    Is there anything else I can do? Any advice? Could it just be my soundcard is dead?

    I have a Pentium 4 2.0GHZ with 768 of RAM with two HDs with with over a 100 gigs in each.
  2. James E

    James E New Member

    I guess I should have posted this in the computer section, sorry!
  3. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Speaker or speaker wire gone bad (assuming you use external speakers)...??

    Does the sound get all wonky when you aren't using I-Tunes? Meaning can you hear sound fine while watching a YouTube video etc?
  4. You don't specifically say what type of files you are playing. If they are MP's are they playing bad on Media Player? If so, I would look at the audio hardware. Are the songs playing on the PC or through a network? If network, router, switch or network card issue?
  5. James E

    James E New Member

    The file types are MP3s. When I watch video podcasts on my computer (iTunes), the audio is messed up too. You tube seems to be working fine, no audio problems there. So that makes it a head scratcher. If it was the sound card, wouldn't you tube sound bad too? The music is played through the computer, no network.
  6. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    There is a known skipping issue with iTunes and some Windows setups. Try setting Quicktime to "safe mode" in the QT control panel.

    This did not solve the skipping problem on my machine, BTW, but the latest iTunes upgrade did solve it.
  7. James E

    James E New Member

    I already tried safe mode, thanks.
  8. Did you try Windows Media Player? Results?
  9. James E

    James E New Member

    Windows media player plays the same way.

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