Ian pulls a quad and I don't mean a muscle.

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    I had not been on to post much over the last few days as I have been stealing wireless net and the damn guy needs to put a booster on his wireless router so I can get a better signal. :)

    But this past Sat, Ian did something that ended up really surprising me.

    He played Four yes Four games of Hockey between 9:30 am and 5:30 PM.

    He was scheduled to play two games as a goalie in the morning for the PeeWee A team (He is normally on the PeeWee AA team ) because there goalie was out of town for the weekend and Ian's coach asked if one of our goalies would volunteer to do the single A games. Ian wanted to help out and offered to do it.

    So he played the 2 PeeWee A games as a goalie and that team really was awful most of them kids that had never even played in a checking league before. Ian did an excellent job in the first game losing 2-0 but it should have been way worse and the kids felt good about that result. :roll:

    "In the second game they played a far better team and Ian held them scoreless until 10 seconds left in the first period with the crowd for both sides oohing and ahhhing at his play, but eventually the team around him just kind of faded and they lost 5-1 and I can honestly say there was only 1 goal that went in that Ian should have stopped. There were at least 4 or 5 that had the other teams parents on their feet cheering a goal only to find Ian had the puck and it wasn't in the net. he just stole goals from them.

    Now finished there at about 1:15 with a rec league game at 4:45 and knowing the PeeWee AA teams second game of the day was in an hour and a half about 45 mins from were we were, Ian said hey lets get there and at least I can be back up goalie for the team and maybe coach will let me skate out since I have the player gear for the 4:45 game.

    So we get on the highway flying down the road and call the coach and tell him we can make it back and Ian would like to at least back up the goalie but if he would let him, Ian would like to skate out. He says Ian can back up the goalie and eventually said you know what let him skate out, I am short a guy.

    So no one expects much of Ian as a skate in an AA travel game as a skater but the last time he did OK as far as where he was supposed to be and managed not to look foolish. The team even gave him a little cheer after, but this week would turn out to be different. On the first goal of the game Ian got an Assist flicking the puck into the slot and his friend will buried it in the net. He just got his first point in a travel game and it was on against an AA team as well. This was good. Soon the score was 3-2 and his team was winning. The other team was turning up the heat in the third trying to catch up and Ian was playing well and went behind the other teams net and very unselfishly tried to dig the puck out and center it to a team mate for a shot and he did and the rebound went behind the net. So Ian went back again and shot it out to a team mate and as he took the shoot Ian was coming out from behind the net and he found the rebound on his stick backhanded and the goalie squared right up on him and out of nowhere Ian took this backhanded shot and just lifted it softly over the goalie's helmet for an super pretty goal. The team erupted in cheers as their goalie skating out in the game just got one of the sweetest looking goals that was pure touch.

    Well he got back to the locker room after they won 4-2. One kid who is always their Leading scorer and who is always butting heads with Ian in practice though off ice they somehow stay friends comes running across the locker room and High Fives Ian and then gives him a hug. I have never seen anyone happier at someone else scoring a goal. The whole team was cheering in the locker room. The rec league game was in this rink in about 30 mins so we changed his jersey and moved his gear to another locker room.

    What I would give for a video clip of that goal. I am going to ask parents if any were video taping. I would love to be able to post a link. It was like you would expect a kid in his position to just nail it and pray for the best but he just seem to be like a pro slowed everything down, froze the goalie and just lifted it off his back hand over the goalies head just light enough that it tumbled back down behind the goalie without going over the net.


    OK then 4:45 comes around he is tired but has a rec league game. We put him in rec so he would get chances to skate out as a player and it is starting to pay off. He is really tired and it shows, he is not as fast as normal and is dragging butt. 45 seconds left in a 3-3 game a kid passes to Ian and in a perfect one timer/deflection the game is 4-3 and then about 30 seconds later Ian finds himself staring at an empty net and pushes it home.

    4 game in about 8hrs or so 2 as a goalie (Which is much more endurance based) and then 2 as a skater and 3 goals and 3 assists for the day. He had assists on to of the rec game goals as well.

    We decided to call it the quad.

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    Congrats...ya got quite the little sports star in the making !!

  3. Jason Lorette

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    Holy crap Max! That's a-freaking-mazing! Make sure you tell Ian that I said B-R-A-V-O!

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    No way could I do that. I envy your son for his talent.I would be drop dead tired.

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