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I'll show you mine, if you show me yours

Discussion in 'Picture Show' started by Rich Kraus, May 8, 2007.

  1. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus New Member


    shot this week, from the cheap seats.
  2. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    Nice Rich. Where did you get the sconce light?
  3. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus New Member

    I got four of them on clearence at Target of all places, paid less than 20 bucks for all of them. actually had those lights before the house was built. I plan in a wierd way, but i plan.

    they are in pairs, one on each wall at that distance form the front wall, the other two another 10 feet back.
  4. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    OK thanks. I'm starting to look around for some for my HT. I'm redoing the one in my basement.
  5. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus New Member

    so, um, picture of your surrent setup?

  6. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    First thing I really need to do is find a website to host my pics, then take the pics and post them! I plan on documenting it on here. This is all pending on a refi of the house.
  7. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

    Here's one of the screen wall with all the doors open. An update (not pictured), in the far left corner, down low sits a BD player ontop of the A1.


    The back half...

  8. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus New Member

    sweet ron, very nice.
  9. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Looks good guys!!

    Here's my (as some here say) rinky dink, almost a "home theater in a box" set up. :wink:

    Inset pic is of the 3 rear surrounds..they're white so it's kinda hard to see.


    EDIT...oops! Just realized the above is with the old Pioneer 811..below is showing the new JVC 7.1 Digital receiver. :)

  10. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus New Member

    thank you for sharing alfer, looks just like mine used to before i lost my mind. :)
  11. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rich. Got any more of your's?
  12. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus New Member

    got about a billion from start to finish, but none other since the burgandy paint. also remember the paint is temporary unil i can afford the 30+ yards of fabric i need to do the walls with. (these things are never done)

    i need to shoot a rear view from the front right of the screenwall, to show PJ would do it now but I havnt fixed the trim around the PJ since replaced my dying 4805.

    aw hell, hang on a few mins.
  13. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus New Member

    (Quick snaps for Ron :wink: )


  14. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member


    What kind of flat black did you use? I want my front wall and ceiling black like that. I've heard some flat blacks aren't a good flat black. Home Depot told me that Glidden is the only one that uses straight black, others add some colors to them and therefore aren't as dark or flat.

    Like Rich, I want the maroon color on the other walls. How do you like them Rich? Is that a flat or a semi-gloss?
  15. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    Nice new pics Rich!
  16. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus New Member

    both the walls and celing of my room are behr premium plus flat interior from home depot.

    walls color is something called "wine tasting"

    celing i cant remember, i just said mix it just flat black, like what you would paint a theather inside with.
  17. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    That's what I have picked out!!!! Very nice color. They have some nice carpet to match that just happens to be on sale this month. I'm getting so pumped to get this thing going!!
  18. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

    Michael, the front wall is all wood frames on hinges and those are covered with black speaker grille cloth from partsexpress.com. The ceiling is a Glidden flat black from Home Depot, just the one they told you about.

    Don't use anything but flat colors anywhere in your theater, you'll not like the reflections.
  19. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

    Here's an older pic of the front wall with all the doors closed. The Sonotube sub is no longer there as I built a box and stuck it under the futon.

  20. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    Good, you guys just helped confirm what I was planning. Thanks!

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