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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Travis Ballstadt, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Just came across this forum, thought I'd jump in here to share.

    A quick photo of my theater....

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    1) Welcome Travis!

    2) Nice theater!!! Care to share the setup details? What gear?

    3) Love the Iron Giant artwork.
  3. I thought I would eventually start a thread for my theater and share more photos... but a quick overview (as of today)...

    Panasonic AE-8000u Projector
    SeymourAV CenterStage UF material
    Emotiva UMC-200/UPA-700 processor/amp
    Oppo BDP-103 bluray, AppleTV, TiVo Mini
    elemental Designs LCR cabinets with custom crossover and drivers
    SVS PB2000 sub
    Mission 77ds surrounds (for now, I have 4 eD slant surround cabinets that match my LCRs when I get time to finish them out)

    And the Iron Giant artwork is actually printed on fabric with Linacoustic backing. I made a few of these...The Fifth Element is also visible in that photo, and I also have Raiders of the Lost Ark and Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy.
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    Where did you have those panels printed? I like the idea as I have a number of movie posters but would like to integrate more acoustic treatments into my room too.
  5. I used Spoonflower.com, though they've been cracking down on copyright infringement lately. Luckily, I'm a fan of minimalist art, so all of my artwork has no text - just printing a movie poster with text and studio logos, etc, will surely get kicked back. Also, don't name the file "Avengers Poster" or something like that, as it will also kick up a red flag. Right before you upload, rename everything "poster a...b...c..." and so on.
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    Good to know.
  7. Dan Driscoll

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    Hi Travis, welcome to HTL.

    Very nice theater. :)
  8. Rick C

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    Welcome Travis. Looks like a great place to watch a movie. Looking forward to hearing mire about your setup.
  9. Carl V

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    nice HT set up.
  10. Thanks for the welcome, guys. It looks like rain all weekend here, so perhaps between movies I'll create a post about my theater. It ain't perfect, but the performance I've achieved on a very tight price tag is impressive to any and all who've been in it.
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    Welcome! Nice set up!.. Thanks for the spoonflower link.

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