Is John Rambo back?

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Ron-P, May 19, 2007.

  1. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

  2. Tyson

    Tyson New Member

    Looks like it might be kinda good. Looks gory as hell, too.
  3. DustinDavis

    DustinDavis Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    Wow, that trailer was quite a teaser. I didn't see where it takes place, what the plot will be, the most exciting moments, how the whole thing plays out, or how it will end.
  4. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Haha! Yup...again, another trailer that gives away just about the whole movie....and could it BE anymore bloodier (especially for a trailer)?

    I never got into Rambo when he was "popular" so I'll be skipping this one too.
  5. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    I am embarassed to admit that I am intrigued.
  6. Tyson

    Tyson New Member

    I get a sense that Stallone is wanting to put an end to some of his franchises. I have this weird feeling that he's not doing it just for the money, either. I haven't seen the new Rambo of course, but he sure did do a nice job with the latest Rocky. Maybe he's trying to go out, or at least make those movies that supported him all these years, go out on a good note?
  7. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Maybe he can do a better job of wrapping up:

    "Stop or my mom will shoot"
    "Demolition Man"
    "Over the top"

    ...and some of his other classics...:)
  8. Jason Lorette

    Jason Lorette Active Member

    Every actor makes some turds...

    But...Rambo...that was classic Stallone...this one looks awesome, all be it! I am intrigued for sure!
  9. Dennis Pagoulatos

    Dennis Pagoulatos Active Member

    As long as Rambo destroys more people than he did in First Blood: Part 2- I will be satisfied. :wink:
  10. Dennis Pagoulatos

    Dennis Pagoulatos Active Member

    I nearly choked on the water I was drinking right from the first shot of him in that ridiculous looking wig- JESUS- after all these years he hasn't lost the damned mullet?? :shock:

    But once you get over that- the rest is some serious good times for people that like cartoony brutal revenge dramas- like myself. :lol:

  11. Ken McDaniel

    Ken McDaniel Active Member War Zone Member

    Guys, it's not a trailer. It's a promo meant to drum up investors, hence the added gore and stuff.
  12. DustinDavis

    DustinDavis Well-Known Member War Zone Member

    Ah. That makes more sense.
  13. Tyson

    Tyson New Member

    I was kind of wondering. I didn't know that, either.

    Seemed rather gory for a trailer. Thought maybe it was next big thing in trailers and Stallone was lucky enough to get on it early.
  14. Dennis Pagoulatos

    Dennis Pagoulatos Active Member

    I would be disappointed if the eventual movie ended up being a PG-13 affair...he should definitely go "hard-core" with it- like that video clip.

  15. Mike Parent

    Mike Parent New Member

    Agreed, the first one was quite good...
  16. Sean80

    Sean80 New Member

    Best Rambo movie since First Blood. The last 20 minutes are filled with incredible action. This is definitely not a movie for the squeamish, especially once Rambo hops on the 50 cal. There are flying body parts aplenty in this one, but there are also women and children who are killed rather violently too.

    I definitely think Stallone did a better job of giving Rambo a "final" movie than he did for Rocky IMO. I also liked that he brought back the original Rambo theme music from First Blood. It was a little weird not seeing Richard Crenna though.

    This one is a definite must for Rambo fans and also fans of old school straight up action movies, although Stallone does try to bring attention to the situation in Burma right now as well.
  17. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus Active Member

  18. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

    A rental for certain.
  19. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    I watched this last night and it delivers as Sean describes. If the trailer does not intrigue you, then the movie won't. This is over the top violence at it's peak. Stallone does not hold back. It's easily the goriest of the bunch and the goriest action film I've seen in a long time... more so than even the AVP series. I don't think he was quite successful bringing forward the issues in Burma, those got washed away with the mega violence but the movie was damn entertaining. I'll be rewatching it again soon. I had a bunch of fun watching it. I wouldn't go in expecting much of a plot if at all (it's a predictable mess otherwise) or much of decent acting. It's just like the trailer.

    War is back and John Rambo is indeed WAR.
  20. I'm looking forward to it. Amazon Canada advised me they are experiencing problems in getting enough titles to fill their orders. I can cancel or wait. I decided to wait. Obviously a big demand for the Blu version.

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