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Discussion in 'Picture Show' started by claud, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. claud

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    We have had our Panasonic 32" 720P LCD for a long time. Over the years it has developed a quirk. When you cut it on, it goes "click" and will not cut on. It started about 5 years ago happening once every 2 or 3 months. You have to unplug it for a day and its OK when you plug it in. The last 6 months its about once a week. Its probobly some cheap resistor, but time marches on. Bigger is better especially when the price is right. The Panny was around $1400 new. New Sony 600B 40" was $480 with tax. Sony is one inch wider than old panny. Got it installed just in time for basketball season. I almost bought another Panny about the same price, but viewing angle was much worse than Sony and as you can see, viewing angle is critical in this installation.


    DSC_1555_zps0d5a3ce5.jpg DSC_1556_zps05bd0dcb.jpg
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  2. claud

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    After a couple of weeks of use, I would highly recommend the 40" Sony 600B. Viewing angle issues do not detract much from picture quality since it is a slight fade as you increase the angle. Picture has great contrast and lots of pop. I think I will replace my other Panny 32 at my beach home that my son has in his room.
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    Glad you like it. Was probably easier to up there I would guess?
  4. claud

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    That is the 3rd kitchen TV in that location. We built this house in 1994. First TV was a 20" JVC monitor and the rack hung from the ceiling. There wasn't a hutch or any cabinet under it. Power outlet and cable outlet behind TV near ceiling.
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    Claud, I wonder whether it's convenient to watch TV located at the very ceiling? I have a few locations to choose from in my kitchen, but guess opposite my eyes will be the most viable choice.
  6. claud

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    That is not main TV. Just kitchen TV for catching news at dinner and following sports when you get up from main TV to get beer or snacks. Rear of house is for entertaining with open kitchen and den. No "opposite my eyes" position available when wife designs kitchen. its either out of the way near ceiling , or none.

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