La Vie En Rose

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by DYohn, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. DYohn

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    "La Vie En Rose" is a French film about the life of Edith Piaf. The film is somewhat unfocused, nonlinear, and a little difficult to follow. But it features an absolutely outstanding performance by an actress named Marion Cotilard as Edith. She is really amazing, undergoing striking physical transformations and evoking emotions and joy that transcend the director's mediocre execution. You literally cannot take you eyes off her in places, she is that good. Overall not a "wow" kind of film, but the music was good and Cotilard gives the best acting performance so far this year. 3 stars just for that!

    If you like French films, if you like biopics, and if you like Edith Piaf's music, this one is worth seeing.
  2. I have never been fond of Piaf's singing, but I have to admit, the talk about this film and the performance by Cotilard certianly intrigues me enough to rent it when it comes to dvd.
  3. Mike Kelly

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    I just watched this on DVD, David, and agree with your review completely. I wasn't crazy about the director's editing choices and structure, but it is worth it just to see Marion Cotillard's amazing performance. If I were a voting member of the Academy, I'd have a hard time choosing between her powerful and emotional performance and the beautiful subtlety that Julie Christie brought to her work in Away From Her.
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  4. Steve L.

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    Edith is one my favs. I haven't seent he movie though!!! Must do! If it sucks, I'll hunt you down!!!


    I have a whole series on vinyl of Edith in Mint shape. Her along with Nina made me realize how musical a mono recording can be.

    Coherent too. ;)
  5. Mike Kelly

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    I think I liked the movie more than I realized. I can't seem to get it out of my head three days later - especially "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien."
  6. Colton

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    I have this on DVD, but haven't watched it yet. Actually, I saw the first 5 minutes and the song "Heaven Have Mercy" is stunningly beautiful. Hopefully I'll have time this week to sit down and watch it.
  7. stephenj

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    I saw this at Tampa Theatre in July. Very stylish, very entertaining film.
  8. Steve Tillman

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    Marion Cotilard delivers one of the finest performances I've ever seen. This is a very good film. The cinematography was top notch.

    I'll rate it 4.5 bags of popcorn out of 5.

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