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Discussion in 'Picture Show' started by Michael M, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    Well I started to tear down my system downstairs so we can start building a 'real' HT media room. Sorry, I totally forgot to take some 'before' pictures before I started taking it apart.

    Basically what I had was an unfinished room, but lined it with black material like what you would use for speaker cloth. My high-tech screen for the projector was blackout cloth taped, yes taped, to the wall. There is nothing like seeing waves in the fabric as a show would pan across a scene. :lol: It's been great while it lasted and it certainly was cheap!

    The new room will be fully enclosed! I plan to put in stadium seating, equipment closet, remote controlled lighting, a nice front valence and curtains around the screen (maybe motorized), and I already built a new screen for the pj. I will add insulation in the ceiling and walls to help with keeping it quiet in the rest of the house. Although there will be an IB that will probably negate the whole insulation sound deading stuff!! The only bit of a downfall I'm not sure how it will play out is having to put in a drop ceiling. I really don't have a choice. The best part about it is that I have a buddy that's going to sell me everything I need, tiles, rails, hangers, the whole nine yards to do both rooms for $100!!!! Can't beat that with a stick! He also has lighting, wiring, and electrical boxes for cheap too. :D

    I will also have a separate room I'm finishing and will call that the lobby area. I'll put up movie stuff in there, probably put in a mini fridge, and a counter with a microwave to start out with. Who knows whatelse.

    I will have help doing most of it, and then I'll have Home Depot do the carpeting.

    Hopefully it will be fun! Best of all I won't have a ton of cash into it.

    I will post pics as we proceed. First up, framing.
  2. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    Yeah yeah yeah. Less talk, more pictures. ;)

    Seriously, I'm looking forward to following your progress. I'm hoping you'll give me some ideas for my HT.
  3. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    Well the first idea is what to do with your equipment while said room is being built.

    Hint: I LOVE having a 72" screen in my bedroom. 8) :lol: No sence in letting it collect dust sitting around doing nothing!!
  4. Steve Tillman

    Steve Tillman New Member

    72 " screen in your bedroom.... Colton will most likely weigh in on this one! :lol: :lol:
  5. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    Lobby Area


    HT area, towards screen


    Drew, sitting down on the job. The kid thinks it's a sushi bar. :roll:

    Riser, with a little Tempest surprise tucked underneath. :twisted:


    Another view of the riser, with the Tempest.


    The riser is like two boxes in one. The smaller box that the sub fires into is about 5 cu ft. The rear wave will have about 40 cu ft. This is NOT going to be used for the bottom end, only to shake the riser. The sub was going to be sitting around doing nothing, so I figured out a way to incorporate it as a shaker. It's the least I could do for those having to sit in the back row. Oh, there will be 350 watts avalible. I haven't a clue how it will sound/shake, but it will work for what I need it to. Overkill for sure, but like I said, it was going to sit and rot somewhere if I didn't use it.
  6. Tom R S 4

    Tom R S 4 New Member War Zone Member

    Complete with a "Hooter's" t-shirt! Does he like their wings, or is there another reason? :wink:
  7. Drew Mitten

    Drew Mitten New Member

  8. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    The tempest in the riser is a great idea. I bet it will do a fantastic job as a bass shaker. I have an Adire Dharman sitting directly behind my main seating area and it works better than a buttkicker.
  9. Drew Mitten

    Drew Mitten New Member

    It dosen't look like much but your looking at 5 days of over 12 hour works days. Man I was wiped. And I still had time to pown newbs on live!!!!!!
  10. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    You know owning n00bs doesn't take much effort. Hence why they are called n00bs. :wink:
  11. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    Sorry, I speak only English and Spanish. I have no idea what that means.
  12. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    this may help
  13. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    :lol: Okay, I got the newbs part, now what does "pown them on live" mean?
  14. Eric

    Eric Active Member

    I can decipher the "on live" part...young Drew was talking about online play on xBox live.

    I think pown was supposed to be pwn, which means to defeat soundly (per wikipedia)

    And just so the elder Mitten doesn't feel left out, just what does "Well I started to tare down my system...."

    Is Michael a distant relative of Pres. Reagan? (Mr. Gorbachev teared down this wall) :)
  15. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    Thanks Eric. Maybe I can get Drew to provide subtitles next time. ;)
  16. Dan S.

    Dan S. New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Mark Mitten

    Mark Mitten New Member

    Define work. I see you setting on your arse enjoying a beverage. I hope you follow more in my footsteps and not your Dads when it comes to carpentry skills. Otherwise I think I will stay out of the basement next time I'm down. :wink:
  18. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    Uh oh! I think my computer has the dreaded "Mitten replication" virus. ;)
  19. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    Wow, that was a major typo! :oops:
  20. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    Let's hope so. I am still having a bitch of a time getting those screws to go in with that wrench thingy.

    As an aside Mr. Mitten, who helped you out with your first little kickass boombox sub you put in your Z24? :wink:

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