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  1. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    Munich is a long movie. Almost 2 hrs and 45 minutes worth and time did not fly by. It tends to drag a bit but the film is so intriguing and the performances are so good that I really enjoyed this film.

    11 Israeli Athletes are murdered at the 72 Olympics in Munich. 5 men were chosen to carry out the revenge of said acts.

    Eric Bana is the main lead and does a superb job. He was a conflicted man that felt he was doing the right thing but as time goes on, you see how he deals with the issues he is facing and they are plotting to kill each man that plotted the bloodbath in Munich.

    Along his side is Daniel Craig who many know as James Bond. This really showed some acting chops which along with Layer Cake cements him as a superb actor in my eyes.

    Also suprisingly was Geoffrey Rush's peformances.

    While this film gets a bit preachy(Spielberg can't help it I think), I really enjoyed this film.

    It does get a bit gory at times.

    8 out of 10.
  2. Saurav

    Saurav Active Member War Zone Member

    Yes, preachy in parts... but I liked how there was some time spent showing the Palestinian point of view (the conversation on the hallway stairs), I liked how they showed him being conflicted... I was half expecting a "these are the good guys, these are the bad guys" movie. Like you said, it is Spielberg. And it was mostly pretty clear-cut, but it could have been more heavy-handed and judgmental, and I'm glad it wasn't.

    Geoffrey Rush is amazing. I was about 3 scenes in with him before I recognized him.
  3. Dan S.

    Dan S. New Member

    I thought it was well done and I appreciated learning about these events that I had heard of but knew nothing about. It was looooong but never boring. I don't know that I'll watch it again, but I'm glad I saw it once.
  4. AndrewM

    AndrewM New Member

    I enjoyed the film, however I think it went too far into the moralist view of the characters. The 'known' people who were part of the operation have stated that they didn't have those kinds of remorseful/moral feelings the characters had while doing thier dirty work.

    If you want to learn more about the Munich massacre there was a very good documentary on it - One day in September - it's more geared towards what happened in Germany than the operations that happened after it though.
  5. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    The movie doesn't say "Based on a true story". It's really just Speilbergs interpretation of a book he agreed with. I don't think they went too far on the moralist view as I think every human being regardless of how cold they are will have the same thoughts that these characters had.
  6. AndrewM

    AndrewM New Member

    I relize that, and I understand any "enterainment" movie is going to a liberal view on facts in the name of entertainment. I still enjoyed the movie, so it was but a minor spoiler for me.

    In a specific case like this, mix nationalism with the events that had transpired, not just the most recent event but look back at the past 30 years, the people who works in those ultra-high level special forces, spy organizations, etc don't think the same as you or I do, they recognize right/wrong but when they pop a "bad guy" they really do believe the person is bad and as they say in Texas - he just needed killin'. They wouldn't be very good at their job if they fell apart when asked to do their jobs afterall ;)

    On semi-related thread fart of a note I was watching the interviews with the 'Iceman' the other day, he's the notorious mob hitman who is serving a couple dozen life sentences, and the shrink interviewing him was explainging his "condition" and basically noted that one of the biggest reasons he was a psychopathic killer was from upbringing which affected another personality disorder he had (the no-fear type stuff). He noted that those with that same disorder (the fear thing) but are brought up in better households go on to high risk careers on the other side of the law (such as police officers, military types, etc).
  7. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    I agree Shane, Bana does a terrific job. I was really surprised that Spielberg didn't go after a big name star, but I think he chose well.
  8. Mikael Soderholm

    Mikael Soderholm Active Member Donor

    He chose wisely ;)
  9. AndrewM

    AndrewM New Member

    He was very good in Black Hawk Down as well, haven't seen his latest movie (he's a poker player with Drew Barrymore). I haven't seen him in much else notable, he was in the Hulk and Troy but I haven't caught either and he's done some TV.

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