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Discussion in 'Picture Show' started by Steven Kephart, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Steven Kephart

    Steven Kephart New Member

    Here's some pictures of my home theater thus far. I have quite a bit of work to do before it will finally be finished.

    Equipment list:
    Exodus Audio Kit 2641 speakers in solid oak cabinets I built myself
    Exodus Audio Kit 61 speaker for a center channel
    Creative Sound Solutions fr125s 4" full range speakers for rears
    Exodus Audio Tempest X with O Audio plate amp for subwoofer
    Panasonic PT-AE1000U 1080P projector
    Sony Bravia 40" 1080i LCD TV
    Harman Kardon AVR645 receiver
    Motorolla Moxi DVR HD cable box
    500 gig extrenal hard drive for DVR
    4 way HDMI splitter
    OPPO 3 way HDMI switcher
    Sony Playstation 3
    Xbox 360 with HD-DVD player add-on (the roommates)
    Toshiba HD-A30 HD-DVD player
    Phillips Pronto 9400 universal remote
    Klaussner Home Theater seating

    One of the speakers


    The equipment rack.

    The home theater seating.

    The projector.

    Universal remote

    The universal remote takes the place of all these remotes

    Eventually I will have the Sony TV in the center of the room on the floor with shelves on either side of it housing all the equipment. I already have the materials for this. I will then build a projection screen above these shelves and TV that will hold the center channel behind it. I will also have one of the tables beside the couch replaced by the subwoofer. I have the sub and plate amp already, I just need to build the enclosure.

    You probably noticed that you didn't see the rear speakers in the pictures. They are built, just waiting to be stained. Unfortunately the stain I used on the rest of the system thus far is now not available locally. That has slowed things down a bit till I figure out a solution to that problem. The shelves and wall mounts for the rear speakers are already finished.
  2. Chris Slade

    Chris Slade Active Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Very nice.
  3. chad

    chad Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Very cool!

    Just curious why the center speaker is not 3 way?
  4. Jason Lorette

    Jason Lorette Active Member

    I see someone in need of a "Harmony"... :p
  5. Mike Parent

    Mike Parent New Member

    Why? He has a pronto...

    Pretty dope setup for an apt man. Very nice. I think the TV would look better on a stand though.
  6. Jason Lorette

    Jason Lorette Active Member

    Why still have the 8 other remotes then?
  7. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I think he was showing all the remotes he programed into his pronto. :)

    [Shatner on]Speakers too close to walls.....Can't breath....must get..... away ....from walls[/shatner off]

  8. Jason Lorette

    Jason Lorette Active Member

    Ahh...that would make sense Max...not enough caffeine this a.m. for me...sigh...
  9. ArtieK

    ArtieK New Member

    Beautiful dude, truly impressive for an apartment (or anywhere)!
  10. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Where's the sub?

    Nice work as always Steven.
  11. Steven Kephart

    Steven Kephart New Member

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

    I needed the speaker to fit behind the screen, and still have the tweeter at the same height with the other speakers. The 3 way set has a little better response in the midrange, but the 2 way is still pretty good.
  12. Steven Kephart

    Steven Kephart New Member

    It's sitting in it's shipping box right next to the plate amp. One of these days I will have the time to build the enclosure for it. But there are other things to build first. Those towers do shake the floor pretty good. At least I'm sure the people downstairs don't like them much. ;)
  13. Dan Driscoll

    Dan Driscoll HTT Refugee Donor War Zone Member

    Very nice Steven, but I've got to agree with Max, bringing the main speakers forward and away from the side walls will probably improve your sound quite a bit. :)
  14. Karl Englebright

    Karl Englebright New Member

    It is interesting to see the Panny projector mounted on the shelf above the chairs. Gives me a better idea of the size of the thing. How is the noise and heat, being that's it's so close to people's heads?

    Is it the AE2000 model?
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  15. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    Love the speakers but I'm with the others, they need to be moved out from the walls.
  16. Chris Slade

    Chris Slade Active Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Isn't there a school of thought that says to place the speakers just as he has? Something about having first reflections as close to the speaker as possible? I know it isn't the common way of thinking, but I'm pretty sure I heard knowledgeable people on these forums mention this. For some reason I think it may have been Dan W. In no way am I putting words in his mouth, but it was someone who measured speakers and did design etc. Anyone else recall this or who it was?
  17. Randy Rhoton

    Randy Rhoton Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member

    Darn nice setup!
  18. Steven Kephart

    Steven Kephart New Member

    The projector is super quiet, even on shut-off. My old 900U was a little louder, and got really loud when it was shut off to cool down the lamp. This one stays quiet. It definitely produces the heat in front of the vents, but you really don't notice it where it's at. This one is the AE1000U which uses the same chassis as the 2000U. Either way I'm very happy with it.
  19. Steven Kephart

    Steven Kephart New Member

    I remember Dan mentioning something like this to me when I worked for him. I have the speakers placed there for a little more bass response at the seating position.
  20. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Yes, I thought you sounded familiar. I remember you from Kyle's original site "the official Adire Audio" site of old. I remember the announcement that you got the job. I also think you got you car audio ripped off shortly after moving.

    Am I remembering correctly, or is my hair too grey? :)

    Solid oak on the speaks eh? I always wondered about this. Some folks say you have to worry about splitting and warpage, but the nice solid oak I've seen at the stores always looks straight and nice.

    Sweet job.

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