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Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by Alfer, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Alfer

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    Well I got some Father's Day $$$ from my parents and on a whim decided to give this newly released 5 disc upconverting to 1080P DVD player a try to see how well she does now that I have a new HT receiver with HDMI and the 57" Hitachi.

    My wife has wanted to get a 5 disc changer just to be able to keep some fav kids movies in it etc or maybe a mix cd to listen to, so I figured for $78 I'd give it a try.

    RCA DRC290

    Brief info:
    I was going to order an HDMI cable from Newegg for like $10, but I decided to make a pit stop at the local Big Lots since they always seem to have A/V cables on clearence and sure enough I found a 12' RCA HDMI cable with gold connectors for $12..last one on the shelf so I snagged it.

    Tomorrow night I'm gonna hook it up and do some comparing of Toy Story and another live action movie to see how much (if any) difference the upconverting does...I'll keep my ProgScan player hooked up to try to compare..I have backup version of some movies to compare with.

    Only question I have is do I turn off the 3:2 pulldown feature on the TV (assuming it has that option when using HDMI input)?? Any other setting adjustments I should look out for?

    Will report back in a day or so.
  2. Michael M

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    One thing I would recomend, if you have a disc, calibrate the DVD player. I know I'm able to tell from player to player that they each need to be tweaked a bit.
  3. Alfer

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    Yeah I have acess to an ISF video ....
  4. CJ

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    Let us know what you think and have fun.
  5. Alfer

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    So far so took a bit to get the JVC settings right and I may have had a issue with the "HDMI handshake" in that I couldn't get a picture when I switched from SAT TV to DVD...but I think I got it figured out late this evening..I'll play with it more tomorrow.

    So far Toy Story and Cars look crystal jagged edges etc...very clean looking images.

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