My furnace repair guy's $40,000 stereo

Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by CJ, Jan 10, 2018.

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    I had to have my furnace repaired and you have to walk through the home theater to get there so after seeing my system the tech starts chatting me up. Guy was probably in his 50s, had a jet black (could not possibly have been natural) Mike Gundy haircut. He was very nice and seemed pretty knowledgeable. Seemed like a guy into the hobby but not too serious. He's tried building some of his own tweaks like cable risers but ultimately kind of poo poo'd some of those tweaks.

    His system was
    • Sonus Faber Olympica Towers
    • BAT preamp and amp
    • Playback designs streamer
    • All Transparent and Nordost cabling
    Doing some quick napkin math he definitely had a pretty pricey system.
  2. DYohn

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    HVAC guys can make decent money I suppose. :)
  3. jasn

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    Maybe some customers don't keep an eye on the HVAC guy well enough? Go check your equipment rack CJ!
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    When my friend worked at a high end shop in Northern VA and I did almost every install/set-up with him over a 6 year period, $40k systems were not at all rare. Had a couple of $150k+ systems too.
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    Here's an old article about one guy in Northern VA where I went with my friend over his place to help set up stuff - Sound Crazy?

    At that time, we had the same speakers (Thiel 7.2s) and he had Mark Levinson electronics and I had the (cheap:)) versions of them made by Proceed.
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    regardless of the COST $40K
    it's nice to have your HVAC
    running. It's also nice to chat up
    a fellow Stereo nut.

    Like many of us...after a few years of
    buying and upgrading the retail total
    might astound us....especially the spouse.
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