My name is Wayne and I am an audiophile wannabe HT nut

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Tex Thai, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Tex Thai

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    I will kick off this new thread, I am Wayne and live in Thailand for the last 16 years, so go by Tex Thai.
    I am American by birth, love music and movies. Was helping put out the fires in Kuwait when someone kicked in the door of our home in a nice Houston suburb (thank God my family were not home!) went through the house, got jewels, & our TV and loaded them in our Toyota and drove off with it all. I put the house up for sale and have not lived in the USA since those early 90s.
    Always had ribbon dipole speakers but they did not cut it for movies nor bass. So when I moved to Thailand, made friends with the GoldenEar Tech. distributor here, I went with their line up and built a home with a dedicated HT room in it. (Northern Thai, we can see Burma from my house and we try to help with Christian ministries for those in danger of human trafficking in Burma and Thailand). Been through a few iterations and kept moving my front speakers back, now I have the Triton Ones up front with SC-X center. Triton Twos are surrounds, Triton 3s in the rear with a FF5 sub between them, fronts, surrounds and sub hooked up to LFE so bass all around, a 7.1(+) system. Source is Oppo 95 and a tube CD player, I have the Emo XMC-1 pre-processor with DIRAC room correction running balanced connections to Vincent tube/transistor hybrid amps left, right and center, Bel Canto and other class D power the sides and rears. Some MIT ics and everything else is silver ics and Signal Cable silver reference speaker cables. All run through a power conditioner by Magnet (Thai made).
    We have another, smaller, tube two channel music system in the living room, but most stereo listening has always been relegated to HiFiMan 400i headphones or EarTech Music ciems for walking until I got the Triton Ones. But still, I rarely sit and listen to poor old stereo, I LOVE surround blu-rays, concerts, music only, movies!!! I love most all kinds of music except pop, jazz, hip-hop, dance and rap. If I dissed your favorite, sorry but that still leaves LOTS of music to love. TOOBS are best for music, IMHO.
    I enjoy kind, friendly, helpful discussion of all things audio/visual/home theater and am willing to learn. Not interested in arguing or rude, confrontational talk at all. I love Tex-Mex food.
    IF I can be of any help, let me know. God Bless,
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  2. claud

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    Welcome Wayne. My favorite cousin's name is Wayne. I also love Tex Mex food and usually listen to music with Headphones.
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  3. CJ

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    Welcome Wayne...

    For the group, I met Wayne over at the GoldenEar forum and asked if he wanted to drop by.
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  4. jasn

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    Welcome Wayne.
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  5. Jack

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    Hi Wayne, Welcome to The Home Theater Lounge, you most certainly have a great system and a deep understanding of how things work. We look forward to your participation.
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  6. capsuleri

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    Welcome Wayne. Been to Bangkok in 2004 for a few days for sightseeing. Loved the food too specially the ones served on those floating boats where foreigners rarely go. Thai and Vietnamese are my absolute favorite east Asian foods.

    Ribbon dipoles like Magnepans need a lot of power to drive them, but a good sealed sub can make up the for lack of bass. Agree they do lack the "Slam" for movies.
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  7. Mike B

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    Sounds like a nice couple of systems. Welcome and have fun!
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  8. Carl V

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  9. Rick C

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    Hi Wayne and welcome. Sounds like you have a very nice system. ;)
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  10. Tex Thai

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    Thanks guys, great to feel welcome!!!!
    When posting my home theater system, I guess I should have mentioned that I do have a TV!! ha ha Obviously sound is really important to me, but I do like to watch. It is just a 64 inch Sammy Plasma. Honestly the pic quality is so great on a good blu-ray that I just do not get what all the fuss is about 4K, UHD or HDR. I have seen them in the shops and except for a couple of OLED screens I could not see that it bested my PQ noticeably. BUT I reckon I would only be able to really judge any differences at home in my DARK theater. Same as 3D, I expect the American consumer never saw 3D properly demonstrated as they would see it in my HT or it would have caught on BIG TIME. I know the movie theaters don't give 3D a fair shot, and Best Buy showrooms, c'mon, give me a break!!!! I really hate to see 3D go, we in Asia will hold on as long as we can. Course there have been very few REAL and well filmed 3D movies like "HUGO" and "AVATAR".
    OK, enough grousing from this side of the world.
    capsuleri, I too love Asian food, Thai in particular of course. I had Maggies and Apogee speakers and did TRY to integrate a sub with each, but it is not easily done. Or done well anyway. I hate box coloration in speakers; and until I found GoldenEar Tech speakers, finding dynamic, full range (read bass), efficient, great sounding tweeters without edginess, box coloration was always apparent unless I got into nosebleed prices.
    And that is the rest of the story. Thanks and God Bless,

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