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Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by GSmitty, Jun 23, 2007.

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    As some of you may recall, I'm a big fan of Kenleigh Speakers ( and Kenleigh the person).

    We've been working on the house now for coming up on a year. New kitchen and new entertainment center. Very happy with all of the completed work, and heck - retirement is over rated, I'll just work until I'm 75...

    As part of this, we have been upgrading the sound and video system along the way. We have a living room area that had been supported by in-wall Audio Source Costco (actually Price Club when I picked them up in 1993!) speakers. We removed these during the kitchen work, as we had the dry wall dudes onsight.

    Today I hung the new living room 'loaner' speakers, as ares are being built by Kenleigh. These are LSM2's, with 8" and horn-loaded ribbon tweeters, 52 - 22 Hz, 90db, 5,000 Hz crossover. They are driven off of my Cary Cin11, via a Meridian G57 Amp. This is a long speaker run, of 115'. I used Blue Jean's Belden 5000 12 AWG Twisted cables. (This was after talking things over with several wire guys, and companies. The run was so long, and crossed so many power wires, that I went with the proven Belden Twisted, as away to reduce interference. It was not the money savings, which I admit was nice, but the ability to pull this wire into some pretty tough locations...). The loaner Kenleigh LSM2's, are well broken in, and after about 48 hours of running (I had the speakers setting on piano's and other shelving for a bit of wire burn in...).

    So, is Smitty happy. So far all is great. This room opens up via the kichen to the Fam Room that has the main system. The LSM8's are a bit light on the lower end, but with the two Dual 8's Theater series Sub's from the Fam Room helping out, the total sound is very nice. The Kitchen intersection with wide open arch ways, is just about in the center of these two rooms, with a very nice combination of sound from both.

    If ever in San Diego, check out Kenleigh's - he does not do volume, and builds on demand. So if you are in a hurry go by some off the shelf speakers. If you have the time, check into these. Ross from Ross Exchange is the main dude that handles Kenleigh. He is a very nice person, and sure knows his stuff...

    Having fun in San Diego. When the new LSM2's come in (birds eye mapel), I'll take some snap shots of the new toys...

    Best to all,
  2. LarryB

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    Interesting - - I don't think I've ever heard a horn-loaded ribbon.

  3. Ed P

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    LarryB - Sure you have, and I was with you when you did


    Used in several and SLS was one you heard.
  4. LarryB

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    I bet myself a quarter you'd correct me. :) :)

    Kidding aside, thanks.

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