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    Surprisingly for a little boy, i liked the nancy drew mystery books more than the hardy boys ones (the "three investigators" were my faves and far better than both of those, IMO). So i decided to see this movie early saturday morning, before going to the Ratatouille sneak preview at night.

    A mistake. I can't report on how it ended because i left with about 20 minutes remaining. I only walk out on about 1 in 50 movies, and usually it's because the flick is so god-awful that i just can't take the cringing any more. This case was unique: ND isn't god-awful. What drove me from the theater was sheer boredom. Absolutely nothing was happening on the screen. The girl who plays nancy was nice, but in a totally bland, vanilla kind of way. Everything else on the screen was "nice" as well. Problem was, the film gave us no action, no suspense, no emotional resonances and of course no sexuality - in short, no entertainment value of any sort. And the "sleuthing" was absurdly facile, with no hint of cleverness or mystery.

    Sure, you might say "well, you're a 40 yr old man, the exact opposite of the 10 yr old girls that this movie is targeted at". True, but from looking around, the 10 yr old girls in the audience were bored stiff, too.

    Who knows? Maybe by walking out i missed a slam-bang ending that redeemed the whole film.

    But i doubt it, and anyway i got tired of waiting.

    2/10 stars.
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    What did she draw on? Will there be a sequel called "Nancy Scribbled"? :wink:

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