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Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by Flentge, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Flentge

    Flentge New Member

    My aunt is looking to buy a new tv real soon. She is looking for something in the 50-55 inch range. The room is about 14x10. The room is set up in such a way that 90% of the time no one sits directly in front of the set. Ok, here goes. She is looking for something thin, but cannot hang on the wall. That is her only concern. What I am trying to find for her is something that is able to be used with all the new formarts, HDMI, 1080p, accepts 1080p signal, 1080p 24hz. She is also does not want to spend over 3,000 for a set. Is it possible to find something with all these options and pay under 3 for it? If you have any suggestions please pass them this way.
    Thanks A lot
  2. Steve Tannehill

    Steve Tannehill New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Definitely check out DLP sets by Mitsubishi or Samsung. Mid-line Mits in the 52-57 inch range are not very deep and can be had for less than $2000. I'm not 100 percent sure about 1080p24, though.

    - Steve
  3. Mike Kelly

    Mike Kelly Active Member

    I couldn't be happier with the 50" Pioneer Plasma (PDP-5070HD) I recently purchased. The viewing angles are as good as CRTs, the film like picture is stunning. It is only 768P, but at a viewing distance under 10 feet, I really don't think it has to be 1080P. It will accept a 1080p/24Hz signal. I've compared standard definition DVDs to HD OTA and it is very, very close. It has loads of inputs and other features I won't list here. It is sensitive to reflections as a CRT is, so that could be an issue. I would say this set can be had for somewhere in the low 2000s now. I use it on the stand it comes with.

  4. Zak

    Zak Active Member War Zone Member

    I know it's not 50" but I really love my Vizio 47" 1080P LCD. Picked it up from Costco for $1699 and it has a very nice 2 year warranty. So far i could not be happier with it. Needed a little tweaking to get the set the way I like it but other than that I cannot complain. My wife loves it as well. Comes with a stand so you can sit it on a table/cabinet etc.
  5. Greg W

    Greg W New Member

    Mike, if I'm not mistaken, most tv's that do 1080p -accept- 1080p/24, but then do 3:2 pulldown and display 1080p/60. To my knowledge, there's very, very few sets that actually display 1080p/24, and they're very expensive as yet. I don't think any meet the OP's stated price point.
  6. Flentge

    Flentge New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys. The 1080p24hz criterea is not a must, just trying to think for the future. I would like to find her sometthing that is 1080p, and accepts a 1080p signal.
    Thanks again

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