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Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by CJ, Jun 19, 2007.

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    There's a not-for-profit arthouse theater opening in Omaha. How common are these things and how do they usually work? I know you can just buy tickets and go to see whatever they're playing, but there are also membership levels that you can participate in by donating. Just wondering if anyone is a member/donor of one of these?
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    CJ, until just last week, we had a "Regal Cinema Art" theater in Baton Rouge. It wasn't 100% arthouse - they would show stuff like "pirates" and "shrek 3" on some screens, but they always had a couple indy films playing.

    Last week, it closed down due to poor ticket sales (on many occasions, when i saw an indy film there i was the only one in the audience, and regular moviegoers didn't like to come for the commercial movies because it was an older theater without stadium seating, etc.).

    I will miss it *badly*, as my record-keeping shows that since July 2005 i have seen 71 independent films there.

    Count yourself lucky, because i no longer have access to independent films.

    More to your point, several years ago when i lived in Tampa, i was a member of the Tampa Theater, a 1920s era house that shows indy and classic films, and there really wasn't much in the way of extra benefits for being a member. It was more like a donation of support.
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    There's already another theater like you described in town that shows hollywood films but leans towards more artsy films and also shows older films. Not sure how they do financially.
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    Another thing you can do is attend the viewings of a college film class. You get to see a lot of classic films and the series ticket is pretty cheap. I did this at Michigan, even though I was not enrolled in the class.

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