No one wants a wimpy pickle

Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by CJ, Jun 5, 2017.

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    OK, for any of the older members, I feel like I remember this commercial from the 80s (it was probably on a kids show we had taped that I watched over an over) but cannot find any reference to it online. I swear it was a Vlasic commercial with the Vlasic stork animated and the gist was how their pickles are fresh and crisp and the stork used to waggle the pickle up by his mouth like an old timey gangster with a cigar and I swear to god he said "no one likes (or wants) a wimpy pickle". Am I crazy?

    PS, I was eating lunch and this just popped into my head how suggestive that phrase is but then I couldn't find any reference to it and its driving me nuts.
  2. Carl V

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    you're crazy, you know it, we know it everyone knows it...:p

    I too recall something similar & Vlasic seems correct
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    There's a bunch old commercials - vlasic pickle commercial - Google Search

    Unfortunately, from my lightning damage (towards the latter part of March), sound is still gone on the main PC (hopefully will get that taken care of over the next few weeks).
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    Yes, you are. The proof is that you host this crazy site and I hope that you never recover. ;)

    And yes, I do recall the Vlasic pickle commercials. :)
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