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    I've been PM'd about my lack of movie or music posts.
    Dunno 'bout why but i've just been in a bit of a 'funk'.

    But I've been listening to lotsa music & watching lotsa films.

    So here goes.

    Soccer is BIG around the world. Cheering for your favorite team
    borders on relgiuous fervor. What hgappens when Religious fervor
    prevents you form watching & cheering for your team/sport.

    Such is the case in Iran. If you're a woman furhgetaboutit (sp?)
    The coliseum holds 90,000 people BUT no women allowed.
    However, many Women love the they cover their hair,
    wear baggy clothes and risk attending the games.

    So, for sake of the film 6 women have gone to great lengths
    to attend the qualifiyer's for the '06 World cup. They are rounded
    up & confined to an area away from the game...wearing face paint
    they cheer & rant & rave. Their Gaurds oppressors look the other
    way & fegin indiffernce. Many of the gaurds sympathize. Most
    resent their military service.

    The film is banned in Iran but is popular in both Europe & Ameirica.

    It's a good film but not a great film. It's recommended for a glimpse
    at another world seen through the eyes'/camera of an Iranian.
    If you want soccer...striclty soccer, go see Gracie.

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