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Photgraphy Buffs

Discussion in 'For Sale/Trade Lounge (members)' started by Jack, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member

    I dont know if there are any camera buffs here but I am going to list my Canon 60D here first then on Potn.
    I bought it in 2013 but have not used it much, would be surprised of there are 1000 shutter counts on it. The camera is in essentially perfect condition and I have all original stuff, box, instructions etc as well as a grip and extra batteries. I can post a photo if you like. Not sure what to sell if for but if you want the body and grip/batteries I can go a bit cheaper of course. Say $600 or so.

    Any thoughts ??
  2. Barry_NJ

    Barry_NJ Well-Known Member War Zone Member

  3. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    I think this is a great camera for someone at the right price. I'm firmly in the m4/3 ecosystem and loving it so its not for me but if anyone is in the market...
  4. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member

    Well dang, I guess I should have done my homework first before dipping my toes into sales. Hmmm, to keep or drop the price.
    There are sooo many on ebay it is stunning. I dont use it much, preferring the small form cameras now, but it is damn near perfect and works good, analysis paralysis is setting in.....:blink:
  5. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    If you don't use it, get rid of it. Its not going to be worth MORE in the future. Buy yourself a lens for the other camera or an accessory.

    Or, MAKE yourself use it. Go take some damn photos and post them here.

    Like this.

    25920965154_0cd229b0b7_b.jpg International 826 Tractor by imahawki, on Flickr

    Just go on a walkabout. Go downtown or to the next town over. Schedule a weekend daytime activity with your wife and take the camera. Shoot for art, not as a documentarian.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 27, 2016
  6. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member

    Thank You CJ. I do need to take a photo of a large sign on the main road here, I don't remember what they are selling but the young girl on this massive sign looks a fair bit like your middle daughter.
    I am p[pretty sure its not but you would be surprised at the resemblance.

    I have 5 cameras and was trying to decide on selling the best or the second or third best LOL. This 60D is the best one I have.
  7. Carl V

    Carl V Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member

    life is short...
  8. Jack

    Jack Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member

    Not sure what you mean Carl but I do agree.
    Never the less, work took me to a nifty little resort but I did not have the big Canon, only a G12 so I snapped a shot or ten.


    Once used burboun barrels waiting to be reused. Pour some water in them, let them sit in the heat awhile and you have The Devils Cut


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