PS3 game reviews Fight Night, GT HD and NFS Carbon

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    I've played three games on the PS3 so far. Fight Night Round 3, Grand Turismo HD (demo but a pretty good idea of the game) and Need for Speed Carbon.

    I love boxing games and Fight Night delivers pretty well. I played a demo probably more than a year ago in a store on Xbox 360 and really dug the controls. This is the only game I own so far as NFS is a rental and GT is a downloaded demo. It was a good first purchase in my opinion as there is a lot to unlock and its a good combination of easy to learn hard to master. I've focused my fighter's development on power because while I'm not a button masher, my defensive skills have always been so-so in boxing games. With a high powered fighter I can tear down an opponent before he hits me too much. I usually start working the body as fighters tend to defend their head better and the game is pretty realistic about what body blows do to a fighter's performance. I'm still working on putting together combos and am sometimes frustrated when I dodge a huge swing and the guy is completely open and I do a jab instead of a crushing hook or something. Of course the disadvantage of being a heavy hitter is that your punches reduce your stamina faster. When you whiff, its costly. There is an online component to this game but I've only played with it a little. I'll dig into it more and see what I think. Any way, to sum up, I think this is a great boxing game.

    NFS I've barely gotten into. I like track racing better and I'm not really interesting in the "mission"aspect of it. I'll probably play it a little bit more as I've pretty much done everything in the GT demo. In the GT demo, you only get one track for time trials, no other racers, and as you meet the target time you unlock a new car, of which there are only 10-12 in the demo. But the controls seem good and I like the feel.

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